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FFYX LP Turntable Player

FFYX LP Turntable Player
Air pump, three-way air supply, air volume and current meter head display, air volume can be fine-tuned, completely silent, very convenient to use! Feifanci flagship T1803 and flagship T1801 full air-floating record players are recommended for matching. It can be used in Feifan's full range of air..
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FFYX 15th Anniversary Edition air floating vinyl record player.Main improvement technologies:1.Reinforced composite double-layer turntable, which is 15% higher than the original density and rigidity;2.Grooves are added to the surface of the turntable to reduce the resonance point and facilitate the ..
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FFYX T224 is a new type of air-floating tangent vinyl record player launched at the end of 2021. It has an integrated design and is more compact.100M wooden base, integrated MINI MA11 intelligent drive motor, with 60MM aviation aluminum air-floating turntable, A181 air-floating tangent tonearm, this..
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T225 is equivalent to a simplified version of T224, which is our entry-level air-floating vinyl record player.It is a 60MM base with a 30MM aluminum alloy air-floating turntableThe tonearm is an A182 ten-inch tonearm, with a single-channel digital mute intelligent air pumpHowever, due to the existen..
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1.Float slide, 2.Ultra-precision VTA visible, 3. Newly upgraded arm tube structure, alloy phono shell, integrated design of the tone arm.. If you want to buy cartridge, there are several vinyl cartridge you can choose :   Name/link ..
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1.As short a tone arm as possible, 2.Air buoyancy slide, 3.The guide rail is not smooth, it is not afraid of dust and will not block the air holes. 4.0.5g pressure can track normally/ 5.Stylus pressure, VTA, angle, level and other important parameters can be adjusted If y..
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The improvement of A181G, the air rail is changed to alloy copper, which increases the quality and suppresses harmful vibrations. The surface is specially coated. The coating is manually polished three times before and after the coating is completed. The smoothness after the air is increased by seve..
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Pay attention to the bundle when placing an order:Bundle 1: T1805A walnut + 10-inch 182 tonearm air float turntable.Bundle 2: T1805A Walnut + 12-inch 182 Tone Arm Air Floating Turntable..FFYX T1805 Vinyl Turntable Tone Arm SetTurntable part: The aluminum alloy turntable with a thickness of 30MM is u..
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Product parameters:Input: a group of mc rca group.Input impedance: mc 10R-1000Rmm 47k.Input capacitive reactance: mm 4n7.Output: a set of xlr.Output impedance: 600 Ohm.Headphone output: 6.3TRSHeadphone output power: 500mwGain: mm 40DBmc 66DB+6DBSignal to noise ratio: mm 85DBmc 7..
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The 2020 new air-floating tangent vinyl record player is an upgraded model of the existing T1803, with ease of use, stability, and sound effects; Newly designed air-floating base, structure, material, fully optimized; Composite turntable made of three materials: aluminum alloy, stainless steel and..
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