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Soundaware Digital Player, DAC, headhone Amplifier

Soundaware Digital Player, DAC, headhone Amplifier
    ​     Soundaware D300REF Reference Level Next Generation PCM&DSD Digital Music Network Transform Digital turntable  .   Meaning of Digital Transform System ​ Transform system is specially designed for prof..
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   Soundaware A300 Flagship PCM&DSD Integrated Network Streaming Music Player FPGA XMOS & USB PCM&DSD Interface and Decoder As a brand-new flagship desktop player, A300 inherits all next generation functions from MR1 and A280 -- exclusive HI-FI Bluetoo..
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    ​ Soundaware D300 High-Performance Network Digital Turntable Used D100pro's Femtosecond Version IIS(RJ45 and HDMI) SPDIF.   High-Performance Network Digital Turntable System   D300 ,Surpasses Classic,D100pro Femtosecond Edition u..
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1: Built-in error correction function, repeated reading multiple times, real-time read to the memory for validation, to ensure that the data with the highest accuracy is sent to the player for playback. 2: Extremely silent, low-speed, accurate flow mode to track, evaluate the correct rate, the effe..
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    Soundaware SOUNDAWARE M2Pro flagship full balance HD DSD portable music player HIFI Bluetooth 32G Type-C fast charging player   Attention : In the color selection, the " other " means " Red " . ​ The new M2Pro is a flagship fully balanced..
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  Welcome to Queenway Store!    1.Some items parameters produce from AliExpress system, some of them aren't correct, even fully wrong, the detailed description of products should be correct for us.     2.110V and 220V, If you are in 110V are..
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D2 Features:1. Dozens of TB-level large-capacity music management performance2. D1 standard 200W class luxury fully shielded linear power supply system3. Eleventh generation desktop low-power CPU, HQPLAYER 7EC DSD128 upscaling4. High pressure and ultra-stable work5. Break through the power consumpti..
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    Soundaware MR1 Flagship Wireless Network Mobile Music Player Bluetooth AirPlay Usb DAC Full Scene Applications   About the color option:  Golden: Golden player Silvery: Silvery player Black: Golden player + E..
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