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JF Digital Palyer, DAC, headhone Amplifier

JF Digital Palyer, DAC, headhone Amplifier
Note: At present, the CD-Ripper only supports the use of MX series players..The CD ripper is the second generation product, which has better sound quality and more convenient operation than the first generation product.CD ripping also needs to solve the supporting information such as album cover, so..
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Features:1: CD playback adopts USB transmission mode, and the signal is processed by Buffer (buffer), which effectively reduces the Jitter indicator of digital signal transmission;.2: Pull-out hard disk box-support 2 TB SATA hard disk;.3: Dual USB interface, support external mobile hard disk;.4: Ado..
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Why insist on using CS43198 decoding chip:The comprehensive performance of the CS43198 decoder chip is currently the best in sound quality,This is mainly because the audio source on hand is obtained by ripping from CD. Ripping will cause some loss of sound quality. There are also many so-called high..
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MXDAC performance specifications:SpecificationsPerformance parameterInput format:PCM 32Bit/768KHz+DSD512Circuit architectureCS43198*2+CT7302ClockSRC clock circuitScreen5-inch large display Input interfaceUSB 32Bit/384kHz, DSD512 Native Dop128Coaxial 24Bit/192kHz, Dop64Optical fiber 24Bit/192kHz, Do..
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S1-Pro HIFI player Wireless decoder USB decoder HDMI decoding 32Bit/384KHz FPGA hard decoding DSD ultra-low phase noise dual clock dual ES9018 dual AK4495 decoding OLED display.S1-Pro player has made two versions of the decoding scheme (dual ES9018 and dual AK4495 decoding), and supports XMOS input ..
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Features:1: OLED display2: PCM 32Bit/384 KHz DSD128 format3: FPGA + ultra-low jitter three sets of audio clocks 441.k/48k/DSD4: High-performance DSP audio processor5: Independent DAC&HDMI decoding6: Analog & digital hybrid power amplifier 100W*2 output7: IOS& Android APP control software..
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Apple APP is finally online and can be downloaded-MX Remote, download it in Apple APP Store,The default is English, in the language setting-the upper left corner of the setting-Language select Chinese.MX-1 upgraded version MX-Pro...Important upgrade reminder:1. On April 3, XMOS upgraded the firmware..
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Support more digital audio formats including DSD/DTS/PCM (FLAC, DSD/ISO/DIFF/DSF, APE, AIFF, Apple Lossless(ALAC), AAC, etc),  support PCM 32Bit/768KHZ, DSD2.8M-5.6 M ultra-high stream audio format, all signals are decoded by hardware using the source code input method, providing outstanding dy..
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