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CEN GRAND AV Player, Digital Player, Amplifier

CEN GRAND AV Player, Digital Player, Amplifier
. 9i-80S DAC is a follow-up model of the previous generation 9i-60S DAC. . 9i-80S replaces DAC chip on the basis of 9i-60S, replaces AK4495 with WM8741, adds USB interface, and uses XMOS second generation products as USB digital interface.         The 9i-80s audio dec..
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 Welcome to Queenway Store!    1.Some items parameters produce from AliExpress system, some of them aren't correct, even fully wrong, the detailed description of products should be correct for us.     2.110V and 220V, If you are in 110V area..
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   Welcome to Queenway store!       About the products details, we carefully tell you: these specifics produced by AliExpress system, some of these aren't fully correct, even it is wrong. So the correct products information is derived from the detailed description..
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  The companion adopts linear power supply + dc-dc power supply, and the design materials are in accordance with HIFI high standards.9i-ad, 5i-a \AD users, with A companion 9i-bdr, can solve the problem of playing blu-ray disc, CD disc..   The "companion" is very popular am..
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9i-ES/ESA.9i-ES/ESA is a media player designed for desktop hifi system. It is a reduced version of the 9i-AD Black Gold Ultimate Model.9i-ESA is a model with headphone amplifier.   Digital output: optical fiber, coaxial X2, BNC coaxial, AES/EBU Analog output: single-ended RCA output, ..
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Century grey 9I-AD Features overview: 1: Support APE, FLAC, WAV, MP3, WMA, CUE and other mainstream digital audio formats (DTS-CD test passed perfectly) 2: Use U disk, portable hard disk and internal hard disk as storage medium. 3: With a 7-inch display screen as the interface display,..
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The powerful functions of this product are as follows:   Part one: audio 1: high-speed audio DSP, except APE, WAV, FLAC and other common audio formats are all hard solution.. 2: independent audio dual clock is directly connected to DSP, and the clock is customized nissan h..
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5i-1500: 4K clear, support built-in 4T hard drive, dual HDMI connection + audio and video separation, HIFI architecture, intelligent playback, 3D Blu-ray drive + hard drive dual playback, one machine dual use. 5I-1500 Host size: 42.5mm * 34mm * 7.6mm   Test Support compat..
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  9i-908 2X250W Dual-channel power amplifier . 9i-908 dual-channel power amplifier, 2*250W power, has strong driving capacity, can drive large loudspeakers.          The 9i-908 2X250W power amplifier is a music amplifier designed by cen.grand. Th..
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9i-90SA DAC/headphone Amp/Pre Amp. . 9i-90SA "Lark" DAC/headphone amplifier/preamplifier is the first product of Cen.grand to enter the headphone market.  carries high-level audio technology and numerous functions. It has won a lot of praise since it came into the market.   ..
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    Technical parameters of 5i-390k are as follows:,   1: main functions   Support 3840*2160 30P output support h.265/264 10BIT support 3D   Secondary audio Dobly True HD/DTS Master source output   Gigabit..
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CEN · GRAND/century gray 9i-92sa gold thrush decoder fully balanced dual Ak4497 decoder ear player window.adminAccountId=220480405;..
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