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Denafrips DAC, Amplifier

Denafrips DAC, Amplifier
Product parameters:ModelTERMINATOR IIAC power supply110-230V, 50/60HzPower consumption<30WFrequency response20-40KHz (-0.2dB)THD+N≤0.0010%Output (RCA)2.2 (+/-10%) V RMS (1KHz)Output (XLR)4.4(+/-10%)V RMS(1KHz)Support format (DSD)DSD64 AlI Input DSD64-DSD1024 USB &I²S OnlySupport format (..
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1: Fixed frequency output 22: Adjustable frequency (44.1K)3: Adjustable frequency (24.576mhz-12.288mhz)4: Fixed frequency output 1.5: Power Supply.6: Fixed frequency output 2.7: Adjustable frequency (48K).8: Adjustable frequency (22.5792mhz-11.2896mhz).9: Fixed frequency output 1...
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Product parameters:ModelTHALLOAC power supply110-240V, 50/60HzOutput power120W(8Ω)/220W(4Ω) per channelApplication power consumption35W (idle) 365W (working)Frequency response10-80kHz (-2.2dB)THD+N0.00125%Gain30dBSignal to noise ratio118dBDynamic range>121dBStereo crosstalk-110dBInput impedance22..
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Technical Highlights1.Proprietary R2R + DSD Architecture2.True balanced 24BIT R2R + 6BIT DSD (32 steps FIR Filters)3.Native DSD decoding with 0.01% precision resistors4.FEMTO Crystal 45.1548MHz, 49.152Mhz5.Encapsulated Ultra Low Noise Power Supply6.Adaptive FIFO Buffer Reclocking7.New Improved DSP D..
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Product parameters:ModelAPOLLOPower input~115V/~230V, 50/60HzOutput Power230W@8ΩSignal to noise ratio≥120dBFrequency response10Hz-80KHz(+1/-3dB)Total harmonic distortion plus noise≤0.002%Output port4mm (inner diameter) speaker binding postInput portXLRSize434×456x214mm(W*D*H)Net weight47KG..... win..
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Product parameters:Product modelARTEMISAC power supply110-240V, 50/60HzPower consumption30WCorresponding frequency5Hz-60kHz-1dBSignal to noise ratio120dBDynamic range>121dBHarmonic distortion<0.0005%Input impedance600ΩOutput port1 group of 6.35/1 group of four-core balanced/1 group of double X..
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Product parameters:ModelATHENAAC power supply110-240VAC, 50/60HZPower consumption1W (idle), 25W (working)Response frequency10-85kHz (-0.3db)THD+N0.00012%Signal to noise ratio127dbDynamic range>121dbStereo crosstalk -110dbInput impedance 12.2ΩOutput impedance200ΩOutput IN1-XLR/ IN2-..
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Product parameters:ModelGAIAAC power supply110-230V, 50/60HzPower consumption<30WDigital inputCoax SPDIF via RCA, TOSLink x 1 AES/EBU X 1, USBExternal clock input49.152MHz, 45.1584MHzDigital outputCoax SPDIF via RCA TOSLink x 1AES/EBU X 2, I²S HDMI LVDS StandardI²S RJ45 LVCMOS StandardSupport for..
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Product parameters:ModelTERMINATOR-PLUSAC power supply110-230V, 50/60HzPower consumption<30WFrequency response20-40KHz (-0.2dB)THD+N≤0.0010%Output (RCA)2.2(+/-10%) V RMS(1KHz)Output (XLR)4.4(+/-10%)V RMS(1KHz)Support format (DSD)DSD64 All Input DSD64-DSD1024 USB &I2S OnlySupport format (PCM)2..
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Technical Highlights:Precision Oven Controlled Crystal Oscillator OCXO.Adjustable Output Frequencies.Small Form Factor.CLOCK-OUT (Fixed).45.1548MHz x 249.152Mhz x 2CLOCK-OUT (Adjustable)44.1kHz, 48kHz11.2896MHz, 12.288MHz22.5792MHz, 24.576MHzOutput ConnectorBNC, 75ohmsAC Power Requirement: 100-240VA..
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Product parameters:AC power supply: 110/240VAC, 50/60Hz.Rated voltage: 110V-220V automatic conversion.Output power: 100W..Application power consumption: 35W (idle), 365W (working).Frequency response: 10-80kHz (-2.2dB).THD+N: 0.00125%Gain: 30dB.Signal to noise ratio: 118dBDynamic range: >121dBSter..
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Product parameters:Product ModelVENUSIIAC power supply110-230V, 50/60HzPower consumption<30WFrequency response0-70KHz (-3db)Analog output (RCA)Analog output (RCA): 2.2 (+ /-10%) V RMS (1kHz)Analog output (XLR)4.4 (+ / -10%) V RMS (1kHz)Supported formats (DSD2. 8224MHZ(DSD1X) All Input 5.6448MHZ(D..
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