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Denafrips DAC, Amplifier

Denafrips DAC, Amplifier
Product parameters:ModelHERMESAC power supply110-230V, 50/60HzPower consumption<30WDigital inputCoaxial, TOSLink x1, AES/EBUX1 USBExternal clock input49.152MHz, 45.1584MHzDigital outputcoaxial, TOSLink x1, AES/EBUX1 I2S HDMI LVDS standard, I2S RJ45 LVCMOS standardSupport format (DSD)DSD64 input D..
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Technical Highlights:Balanced Isolation TransformerBuilt-in AC FiltersBuilt-in Transient Voltage Surge SuppressorsTeflon Coated Pure Copper, Copper Shielded Toroid Transformer made by DENAFRIPS, In-HouseCenter Tap Earthed/Grounded.Fused IEC Power Inlet.Four EU Schuko Power Sockets.AC Power Requireme..
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Product parameters:Product modelARES IIAC power supply115-230V, 50/60HzPower consumption<30WFrequency response≤0.004% (1KHZ A-weighted)Analog output (RCA)2.2 (+/-10%) V RMS (1KHz)Analog output (XLR)4.4 (+/-10%) V RMS (1KHz)Support format (DSD)2.8224MHZ (DSD1X) All Input 5.6448MHZ (DSD2X), 11.288M..
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Product parameters:Product Model: HESTIAAC power supply: 110/240VAC, 50/60Hz.Application power consumption: 1W (idle), 20W (working)Frequency response: 10-80kHz (-0.3%)THD+N: 0.00023%Signal to noise ratio: 120dB.Dynamic range: >121dB.Stereo crosstalk: -110dB.Input impedance: 20KΩ.Output impedance..
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