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Other Player, DAC, Headhone Amplifier

Other Player, DAC, Headhone Amplifier
U10 XMOS Dual ESS9038Pro DAC Balanced  Decoder      The overall architecture of the XRK U10 circuit:    USB Module + FPGA + MCU + Dual ES9038PRO DAC + OPA1611 Op Amp       XRK U10 decoder technical cha..
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   1. DVD area 2. BD free zone 3. Unmute pirated discs 4. Support large hard drives 5. Support SACD ISO burning disc playback in DVD+/-R format 6. Support BDMV original navigation mode playback 7. Support BD ISO original navigation mode playback ..
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The body heat dissipation creatively adopts the fanless whole case heat dissipation scheme. The CPU heat block is directly reserved in the CNC machining process. The CPU heat block is connected with the case to form a whole case heat dissipation system. The overall heat dissipation area is compared ..
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Mainly used to control Silent Angel series products and other Vitos applications.1: Apply Vitos Orbiter to enable your high-end headphones through M1, all-in-one function, built-in DAC and amplifier, directly bring a higher and deeper sense of music experience in headphones compared to Bluetooth2: U..
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Product parameters:Colour: BlackTouch button flashing light: When you touch any button (such as previous song, play/pause, next song, increase volume, decrease volume), the light bar flashes once, the light is off for 02 seconds, on for 0.2 seconds, and the light is off for 02 seconds, After flashin..
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Product parameters:Size: 441mm(W)X166mm(D)X44.1mm(H)Device weight: 3KGInput: 230VAC or 115VAC 50/60Hz (with voltage selector)Power Indicator: Green light on when power is on.Connection/action LED: On when the port is connected, flashes when activatedGreen: 1000Mbps Amber: 100Mbps How to us..
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There are 4 different DC output options, 12V/3A; 12V/1A; 5V2A; 5V/1A. In the 5V output port, there is also a USB interface for users to choose to connect.Product parameters: Colour: Black Power input: 220-240V~, max 1.5A Power consumption: 100 watts max Application interface: (DC) 12V/3A jack*..
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Product parameters: Colour: Black Power Input: (DC) 12V/1A max Power consumption: 12 watts max.Application interface: USB3.0 Type-B female connector port LED indicator: Power status*1 -Bright blue light means the power is on and the status is stable - Bright bi-color light (blue static: red f..
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Pay attention to Bundle when placing an order:Bundle 1: Positive and negative copper (bright orange)Bundle 2: Positive Copper Negative Silver (Zebra)Bundle 3: Positive Silver Negative Copper (Black Color)Bundle 4: Plus and Minus Sterling Silver (Snow White)Product name: BasteiSize: 0.5m/1.5m.Color: ..
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●Exclusive clock module, TCXO: Silent Angel's 0.1ppm TCXO (Temperature Compensated Crystal Oscillator) is 50 times more accurate than general crystal clocks, reducing delay issues and jitter effects●Improved jitter effect: Distortion is a common effect when transmitting high frequency network packet..
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