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Line Magnetic Zhuhai Tube Amplifier, CD, DAC

Line Magnetic Zhuhai Tube Amplifier, CD, DAC
Product Feature:Black panel,both dignified and graceful,Poweramp adopt audio grade with 805 output high power tubes as single-ended class A power amplification.Extraposition 805 current adjustment(BIAS ADJ.)and hum balance adjustment (HUM BALANCE).You can use a variety of brands and models tubes,lis..
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Product features●Twenty-two watts per channel, Single Ended Triode design, Pure Class A Integrated StereoAmplifier with 845 output power tubes.●All tube Integrated with 12AX7 input tubes for voltage amplification, 6P3P driver tubes, 5AR4 rectifier tubes and 845 output tubes. Driver tubes 6P3P can al..
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Specification of LM-219IAPower Output:24W*2THD:1%(1KHz)Frequency response:15Hz~35KHz(-1.5dB)S/N Ratio:87dB(A weighted)Input Impedance:100KohmOutput impedance: 4/8/16 ohm.Input Sensitivity: 230mV(Integrated) 1000mV (Pre-IN).Tube Complement: 12AX7*2 310A*2 300B*2 845*2.Dimensi..
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      Product features: ●Split type mono design. More perfect sound system with two LM - 513 levels after pa amplifier and a front  such as (LM–512ca) and the source of sound. ●Hand-made, the whole machine adopts welding booths. ●AD hoc b..
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Hand-made, the whole machine adopts single copper welding boothsUsing high-grade special craft and high quality high quality wide rang of EI typesingle-ended output transformerUse 1 only power ring type power transformersLevel before using the company design and development of 310A vacuum tubes,prom..
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Product features●Hand-made construction with the finest point-to-point wiring.●Specially designed EI transformer for power supply.●Two EI output transformers with wide bandwidth are applied.●Two 12AX7s and 12AU7s are used in the preamp stage.●300B tubes are used for A single ended class a power ampl..
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Specification of LM-219IAPower Output: 24W+24W(Single-ended Class A)Frequency Response: 15Hz-35KHz(-1.5dB)Input Impedance: 100kΩOutput Impedance: 4Ω、8Ω、16ΩTube: 12AX7、310A、300B、845.W*D*H: 430*430*400 (mm).Net weight: 70KG.....
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Line magnetic lm-523pa mono rear stage power amplifier (with mesh cover technology)Parameters:Rated output power: 50W + 50W (single ended class a working state)Frequency response of the whole machine: 15Hz ~ 35kHz (- 1.5dB)Input impedance: 100k ΩOutput impedance: 4 Ω. 8Ω,16ΩPower supply voltage 220V..
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Product features:●Twenty-two watts per channel, Single Ended Triode design, Pure Class A Integrated Stereo Amplifier with 845 output power tubes.●All tube Integrated with 12AX7 input tubes for voltage amplification, 6L6 driver tubes●3 pairs of inputs and speaker terminals for 4, 8 ohm speakers are l..
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Note when placing an order: the power amplifier does not have a vacuum pipe mesh coverFeatures:Adopt high-quality wide frequency response and high sound quality EI output transformer Use EI power transformer specially designed for this machineThe front stage uses 12AX7 for voltage amplification, and..
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  Line Magnetic LP-33 MM MC tube PHONO Amplifier   1. The case is using EI-19 nickel and Permalloy. It is to make the weak phono signal can be amplified in a non interference environment with high magnification. 2. Separate and multi-layer shielding design is..
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