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Cayin Tube Amplifier, CD, DAC Player, Headphoneamp

Cayin Tube Amplifier, CD, DAC Player, Headphoneamp
Product parameters:Model: A-100TMK2Output power: TR:45W+45W (RMS three-pole tube working state)UL: 80W+80W (RMS super linear working state)Frequency Response: 8Hz~70kHz (-3dB)Harmonic Distortion: 1% (1kHz)Signal to noise ratio: 92dB.nput sensitivity: 350mV (when combined input)1300mV (when pure powe..
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PH-9 technical parameters:Project     Specification parametersMMMCRated output voltage200mV(20V MAX)200mV(20V MAX)Gain40dB57dB / 61dB / 65dBFrequency response+ / -0.2dB+ / -0.2dBTotal harmonic distortion0.05 % ( 1KHZ )0.1 % ( 1KHZ )Sensitivity2.5mV(200mV, 1KHZ)0.12~0.25mV(200mV,1..
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    iDAP-6 1. Desktop network player that can supports all common digital file formats: DFF, DSF, SACD-ISO, FLAC, ALAC, WAV, APE 2. PCM supports upto 32Bit/384kHz, DSD supports upto DSD256 with I2S, upto DoP128 with USB and DoP64 on other digital interface..
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Product parameters:Output power: 28W+28W (8Ω RMS).Whole machine frequency response: 15Hz~33kHz(-3dB).Harmonic distortion: 2% (1kHz).Input impedance: 100KΩ.Output impedance: 4Ω, 8Ω, 16Ω.Whole machine power consumption: 200W.Power supply voltage: ~220V±5%50Hz.Input sensitivity: 1000mV.Signal to noise ..
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The tube amplifier must be connected to the speaker before running, otherwise the power amplifier may be damaged. Product parameters:Rated output power: 55W+55W (RMS three-pole tube working state)100W+100W (RMS super linear working state)Whole machine frequency response: 9Hz~55kHz(-3dB)Total harmon..
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Product parameters: Rated output power: 50W+50W.Overall frequency response: 18Hz~28kHz(-3dB) Total Harmonic Distortion: 0.5% (1W/1kHz).Signal-to-noise ratio: 95dB (A-weighted) Input sensitivity: 300mV (when combined input) 1300mV (pure power amplifier input) Input Impedance: 100kΩ Output imped..
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Features:1: Golden pin 845-CYB vacuum tube2: 300B+8453: Comprehensive circuit upgrade.4: NFB. Negative feedback selection function.5: Single-ended Class A power amplifier circuit.6: Manual scaffolding craftsmanship.Product parameters:Rated output power: 25W+25WWhole machine frequency response: 10HZ-..
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Product parameters:Power supply voltage: ~220V±5% 50Hz.Power consumption: 380W.Output power: 24W+24W.Whole machine frequency response: 10Hz~26kHz(-3dB).Vacuum tube: WE6SN7x2/300B×2/845×2.Signal to noise ratio: 90dB.Harmonic distortion: 0.3% (1W/1kHz; 5% under rated power).Output impedance; 4Ω, 8Ω.In..
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  About the products details, we carefully tell you: these specifics produced by AliExpress system, some of these aren't fully correct, even it is wrong. So the correct products information is derived from the detailed description. Usually the description has a few pictures and introd..
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Product parameters:Model: A-88TMK2 monitor versionWhole machine frequency response: 10Hz ~ 42kHz (-3dB)Power supply voltage: ~ 220V+5% 50HzSignal to noise ratio: 93dBVolume: 420mmx 382mmx 195mm(WxDxH)Output impedance: 4Ω, 8Ω.Use vacuum tube: 6SL7x2, 6SN7x2.Copy version Genalex KT88x4Output power: 25..
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Product parameters:Model: CD-11TPower consumption: 20WDistortion plus noise: <-60dB.Use vacuum tube: 12AU7×2.Whole machine frequency response: 20Hz~20kHz+05dBSignal to noise ratio: 85dB.Dynamic range: 90dB..Output level: 2V±0.5dB(RCA)..4V±0.5dB(XLR).Output terminal: RCA/BALANCE/coaxial/optical.Vo..
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