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Muzishare Tube Amplifier,CD Player

Muzishare Tube Amplifier,CD Player
The following detailed internal drawings of X5 products (Ruby Version, all internal materials are imported materials) can be seen at a glance:Technical parameter:Rated output power: 15W+15W (RMS triode working state)35W+35W (RMS super linear working state)Harmonic distortion: 1% (1KHZ)Whole machine ..
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Product parameters:◆ Rated output power: 5W+5W (when external speakers output 4-8Ω load)◆ Balanced headphone output power: 1500mW+1500mW (when 32Ω load)◆ Single-ended earphone output power: 900mW+900mW (when 32Ω load)◆ Frequency response: 10Hz~50kHz (-1.5DB)◆ Harmonic distortion: 0.5% (1khz).◆ Outpu..
Ex Tax:$684.00
X-300B dual rectifier single-ended class A combined/pure power amplifier bile machine:Technical parameter:Rated output power: 8W+8W(RMS)Harmonic distortion: 1% (1KHZ) Frequency response of the whole machine: 10HZ~50KHZ(-1.5DB)Input sensitivity: 150mv(0db) 260 mV (-3db) 420mV(pre in)Input impedance: ..
Ex Tax:$1,808.00
R100 new upgraded version upgrade content:1. The front tube 12AX7 was replaced by the Czech JAECC83. The 6SN7 was replaced by the Russian EH 6SN7. The other 5 large tubes were specially customized by MUZISHARE.2. The internal circuit is optimized, the high-precision wire wound resistor is upgraded, ..
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Features of this machine:1: Purely handmade, the whole machine adopts scaffold welding2: Two EI-type single-ended output transformers with high-quality special craftsmanship and high-quality wide frequency response made of Z11 iron core3: Use a Z11 iron core and a high-power power transformer fused ..
Ex Tax:$4,800.00
Features of this machine:1: Purely handmade, the whole machine adopts standard welding2: Use two high-quality, wide-frequency response and high-sound quality Japanese E-type transformers3: Use high-power Z11 iron ring power transformer specially designed for this machine4: The high-voltage part adop..
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Product parameters:System: CD-ROM digital audio systemFrequency response: 20Hz~20KHZ, +3DB.Power supply: AC 220V/115V50Hz.Signal to noise ratio: 110DB.Power consumption: 25W (for reference only).Dynamic range: 110DB.Machine volume (W×D×H): 350×310×100MM (excluding protruding parts).Total harmonic di..
Ex Tax:$843.20
MUZISHARE i3 Vacuum Tube Power Amplifier12W*2 Headphone Amplifier Bluetooth HIFI Class A Fever Tube Amplifier 6H2N-EB*2 6P1*4115V/230V voltage switch.According to the country voltage can be freely selected.The pre amplifier uses 2 Soviet 6H2N-EB vacuum tubes.The power amplifier uses 4 early Yunguang..
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Use imported Z11 iron core pole isolation cattle and imported EI iron core high-performance broadband output cattle; using American 12AWG single and multi-strand fever wire connection, pole isolation cattle effectively alleviate the impact of current. The machine adopts original imported custom-made..
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