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Laochen Tube Amplifier

Laochen Tube Amplifier
The whole machine is powered by a high-voltage transformer and a low-voltage transformer independently to ensure sufficient power while reducing interference. In the absence of output feedback, the noise floor is controlled within 1-1.5 millivolts, which makes the sound of the tube amplifier better...
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Performance parameters:●Rated output power: 9W×2●Frequency response: 20Hz--25kHz●Total harmonic distortion: <1% (1kHz)●Input sensitivity: 500mV--2000mV●Input impedance: 100kΩ●Output impedance: 4Ω, 8Ω●Signal to noise ratio: 88dB●Volume (W×D×H): 370×250×200mm●Package weight: 20kg,●Pre amplifier vac..
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The bottom noise of this machine is mostly between 0.5 millivolt and 1 millivolt, and the volume potentiometer is turned off. Only when the ear is attached to the speaker can you hear the faint hum. The noise after the volume is turned on is related to the signal line and CD used. The quality of the..
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K1 adopts 1.5mm thick steel plate electrostatic spraying overall chassis, 8mm oxidized brushed aluminum panel and solid frosted aluminum knob, with 2 inputs, 4 ohms and 8 ohms two sets of pure copper crystal binding post,Performance parameters:●Rated output power: 15W×2●Frequency response: 20Hz--25k..
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Bluetooth has been upgraded to 5.0:Continuation of Laochen's pure hand-made scaffolding welding style, based on the simple and pleasant design principle, the circuit is simple and neat, basically without noise, the sound is clear, bright and transparent, and the dynamics are sharp, and the sound qua..
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