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Rftlys Tube Amplifier

Rftlys Tube Amplifier
Combined EL34 tube power amplifier:Product parameter: 1: 4 pcs EL34B, 2pcs 12AU7 and 1pc 12ax7, 2: 35W rated power 3: The net weight of the machine is about 15KG 4: Size: W340MM x D455MM x H18MM, 5: Three-way signal input. There are 4 ohm 8 ohm output options. window.adminAccountId=220..
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Parameter:With amp output, you can also treat this machine as a headphone amplifierWith bluetooth receiving function, can be connected to mobile phone bluetooth devicesFrequency Response: 15Hz-36KHz /(20Hz-30KHz)Harmonic distortion: ≤1.2% (1KHz)Input Sensitivity: 290mVInput Impedance: 100KOutput imp..
Ex Tax:$580.00
Machine features:1: Pure bladder, pure hand-made, the whole machine adopts scaffold welding. 2: Adopt two high-quality, wide-frequency response EI output transformers wound through a special process.3: Use the EI power transformer specially developed for this machine.4: The front stage uses two 6922..
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Rftlys push-pull KT88 machine (with Bluetooth), pure handmade, with exquisite remote control, transistor super linear connection conversion, net weight of 23kg, real material machine.Specifications:Output power: 45W (super linear) 25W (transistor)Power consumption: 300WFrequency response: 10Hz~30KHz..
Ex Tax:$891.00
U disk supports 24BIT/192KHZ, supports WAV WMA AAC MP3, especially supports master audio files, supports large-capacity U disk above 32U or mobile hard disk playback in FAT format, the output of the machine can be connected to RCA and balanced output and also has digital coaxial output, the machine ..
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Features: CD-5 is an audiophile music playback platform that integrates high-fidelity CD playback, high-fidelity digital audio file playback, high-fidelity Bluetooth reception, and DAC decoding. 1: Support a large-capacity U disk above 32G or a FAT format mobile hard disk with a larger capacity. I..
Ex Tax:$365.50
Technical Parameters:Output power: 8W+8W (RMS 8Ω ;)Power consumption: 120WFrequency response: l8Hz-40KHzTotal harmonic distortion: ≤l.2% (lKHz)Input sensitivity: 290mVInput impedance: 100 kohmsOutput Impedance: 4 ohms, 8 ohmsHeadphone output impedance: 32-300 ohmsSignal to noise ratio: ≥85dB(A weigh..
Ex Tax:$293.00
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