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Jungson Amplifier, CD Player

Jungson Amplifier, CD Player
      This machine is JUNGSON JA-88F Deluxe Version     Product introduction:  1. Vacuum tube field effect   2. The control force and speed has like a vacuum tube ampli..
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     This machine is JUNGSON JA-88F Standard Version     The characteristic:  1. New model employing musket output stage  2. Elegant chassis with Blue LED fantastic functioning display ..
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   Product function:  1.This item is using the CLASS A fully balanced transmission amplifier for the circuit design.  2. The current change of the power supply is almost zero, so the voltage regulation rate is excellent  3. In the PRE AMP..
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There is standared and luxury version for JA-1(Preamplifeir. Pre-amplifier), JA-99C(Power amplifier):Its are the most recommended products in/among Jungson brand, their listening sense and parameters is better than all of these previous old models. there is 6 kinds to choose for you:A: Standard vers..
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  JUNGSON JA-99D Deluxe Version THE INTEGRATED VERSION OF JA-2/JA-100 Front panels of all JungSon Luxury Version equipment are made from extreme class stainless steel undergone multiple polishing techniques with remarkable craftsmanship, which makes it everlastingly mirro..
Ex Tax:$3,134.00
  JUNGSON JA-2/JA-100 PRE amplifier and power amplifier/AMP 100Wx2  HIFI small Deluxe Version amplifier mono AMP mono amplifier     The JA-2 pre amplifier is selection of high-quality goods components and circuit design. So, let the p..
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    ​ JUNGSON JA-2/JA-50  HIFI Deluxe Version amplifier mono AMP mono amplifier Circuit characteristics: Circuit design features of JA-2 pre amplifier. Since the JA-2 pre amplifier is balanced amplifier circuit design, each channe..
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Features of this machine: The box body is made of aluminum sheet metal, which is precisely processed by our company's CNN machine tool, and the craftsmanship is very fine. Simple design◆ Adopt advanced optical coupling disc detection system, which can effectively ensure the fast and accurate reading..
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         JUNGSON V-77 Vacuum Tube Integrated amplifier.        This amplifier is powerful, has decoder, cost-effective.   You are worth it. &n..
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    JUNGSON V-66 vacuum tube integrated amplifier uses the exquisite outward appearance design. The full aluminum alloy case with exquisite stainless steel panel. That is Special precision mechanical pointer type power meter and Blu-ray digital display. The volum..
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2 PCM1794 as a DAC chip2 PCM1794 as a DAC chip , balanced and single-ended output. OPA604 is used for I/V conversion and low-pass filtering output. Precision of ordinary CD from 44.1kHz/16bit to 192kHz/24bit. Use FET and tube as buffer two outputs, PCM digital coaxial, optical fiber, AES/EBU outp..
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JUNGSON V-32 V 32  Integrated Vacuum Power Amplifier Integrated HIFI Vacuum Tube Power  Amplifier  KT 88/EL 34 for choose       Features   1.Use Two special high - quality wide frequency response EI type output transf..
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