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Winner Amplifier, Speaker, CD Player

Winner Amplifier, Speaker, CD Player
Product parameters:Product model: AD-1PA.Signal to noise ratio: ≥108dB (A weighting, balanced input).≥115dB (A weighting, unbalanced input).Frequency response: 10Hz~100KHz (+1/-3dB).Distortion: ≤0.008% (1KHz normal working conditions).Output power: 300W (THD: 1%, 1KHz, 8Ω single channel).Rated load ..
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Product parameters:Signal to noise ratio: ≥95dB (A weighting)Frequency response range: 20Hz-100KHz (+1/-3dB)Total harmonic distortion: ≤0.05% (1KHz, normal working conditions)Output power per channel: 200Wx2 (8Ω, THD=1%, 1KHz)Rated impedance: 8ΩSeparation: ≥75dB.Machine gain: >40dB.Net weight: 45..
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Product parameters:Signal to noise ratio: ≥ 95dB (A-weighted)Distortion: ≤ 0.025% (1kHz, normal working condition).Frequency response: 20Hz-80kHz (+ 1 / - 3dB)Channel separation: ≥ 75dBMaximum voltage gain: > 40dB.Input impedance: ≤ 20KΩ.Output power: >85W x2 /8Ω(RMS, THD = 1%, 1kHz).Matching ..
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Pay attention to Bundle when placing an order:Bundle 1: AD-1PA+AD-1PRE pre amplifier and power amplifier /Net weight: 52.1kgBundle 2: AD-1PRE pre amplifier/Net weight:10.1kgBundle 3: AD-1PA power amplifier/Net weight: 42kgHighlights of AD-1PA power amplifier:1; A class A power amplifier circuit with..
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Order note: adaptive 110V~220V wide voltage working environmentProduct parameters:Signal to noise ratio: ≥100dB (A weighting)Frequency response: 15Hz~95KHz(+1/-3dB)Distortion: ≤0.05% (1KHz, normal working conditions)Output power: 150W (THD=1%, 1KHz, 8Ω single channel)Rated load impedance: 8Ω.Machine..
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Essential information Product Name: Tianyi high quality Bluetooth digital speaker Model: TY-B02 Net weight: 2.7kg Bluetooth: Bluetooth 4.2 Size: length 304 * width 120 * height 130mm APP: mobile phones supporting Android and IOS systems Application: smart ph..
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Product parameters:Frequency response range: 10Hz-50khz (+1/-3dB)Distortion: ≤0.01.Signal-to-noise ratio: >110dB (A-weighted)Overall size: 440×178(197)×420(445)WxHXDRated output power: 930Rms/4Ω (THD=3%, mono, 1KHz)560WRms/8Ω(THD=1%, mono, 1KHz).Rated impedance: 8Ω.Overall gain: ≥29dBNet weight: ..
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Please consult to confirm a cheap shipping way, because the system rules have changed, for packages over 30 kg, Aliexpress no longer provides cheap shipping options for you. We know that many buyers have to give up shopping because of the high international freight, In fact there are also cheap ship..
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Product parameters:Signal-to-noise ratio: ≥100dB (A-weighted, analog straight-through).Frequency response: 20Hz-30KHz (+1-3dB).Distortion: ≤0.1% (A-weighted).Rated output power: 165W Rms/4Ω (THD=3%, mono, 1KHz)105W Rms/8(THD=1%,mono,1KHz).Separation: ≥70dB (two channels).Power consumption of the who..
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Product parameters:Frequency response range: 10Hz-150Khz (+1/-3dB).Distortion: ≤0.08% (1KHz, normal working conditions)Number of channels: 7.Overall size: 444*310(328)*89(102)mm(L*H*D).Separation: ≥76dB.Rated impedance: 8Ω.Overall gain: ≥12dBNet weight: 6.8Kg1: HD next-generation decoding2: HDMI int..
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Product parameters:Frequency response: 20Hz-60KHz (+1/-3dB)Signal-to-noise ratio: >96dB/A weighted (rated source electromotive force 1V)Distortion: ≤0.05% (1KHz, normal working conditions)Output power: 120W/8ohm mono, 1KHz, THD=1%Input impedance: 10KMatching impedance: 4~8ohmGain: 42dBPower consu..
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  Product parameters: Signal to noise ratio: ≥ 107dB (A-weighted) Frequency response range: 10Hz ~ 70kHz (+ 1 / - 3dB) Distortion: ≤ 0.008% (1kHz, normal working condition) Output power: CH1, CH2, CH5, CH6, CH3 & CH4 bridging mode       &..
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