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Xindak Amplifier

Xindak Amplifier
· 5 RCA inputs. · Built-in high performance USB DAC (PCM2704). · Remote Control. A06 is a stereo integrated amplifier with full remote control system. It is a quality entry level Hi-Fi product, specially designed for the music enthusiasts and audiophile beginners. ..
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PA-1 is pure HiFi mono power amplifiers a large output power. The amplifier's high resolution, sound field open, neutral sound balance, accurate positioning. PA-1 using&nbs..
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The Xindak XA6800R (II) adopts a new look and internals. It is a pure class A integrated amplifier designed with high standards in mind for our customers to enjoy their preferred music.       Derived from the XA6800R, internals are made of carefully selected components..
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[xlmodel]-[custom]-[8888][xlmodel]-[photo]-[000This unit adopts dual differential complementary symmetrical pushpull amplifying. FET (field effect transistor) is put to good use for the track amplifier while the following stage adopts symmetric current negative feedback circuit with wide frequency r..
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  Features: Dual mono design Wide band audio input transformer 3 Pcs low noise power transformers 2mm gold-plate PCB Remote control   Technical Parameters: S/N Ratio: ≥100dB THD: ≤0.02% Number of Channels: 2 Outpu..
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  XA320MKII Vacuum Tube PRE POWER AMP  Features This tube pre-amplifier is specially designed for the experienced HIFI audiophile. Each channel with one 12AX7 and 12AT7, interstate has the appropriate negative feedback to improve the frequency bandwidth a..
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     XA320MKII (09) Vacuum Tube PRE POWER AMP ​Features XA3200MKII (09) is a Tube Pre-amplifier, and the upgrade version on XA3200MKII. It adopts Marants-7 circuit for its main amplification. On the input stage, Tubes 12AU7 are connected throug..
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Preamplifier is equipped with 6922 vacuum tubes Pure power AMP is equipped with 2SA1295/2SC3264 high power triode tube     XA6950 (II) uses amplifying circuit of previous versions, in appearance   with the A600 appearance which has a high praise of ..
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