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AuneDigital Player, DAC, headhone Amplifier

AuneDigital Player, DAC, headhone Amplifier
Product overview KRELL circuit replica: new KSA50 classA  amplifier, low noise,Production process using pure manual production         The KRELL line KSA50 amplifier was launched five years ago, and dozens of sets have been made. Al..
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     Adopting the Japanese ALPS original quadruple potentiometer, the unique technology is used to make the balance of the left and right channels to a higher level, and the logic integrated circuit is used to switch the 4 select 1 signal input to control the..
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P-7300 Guaranteed Specifications:(Based on the EIA RS-490 test standard) 1: Rated Continuous Average Output Power60W/CH 8-ohm load (Pure Class A)120W/CH 4-ohm load200W/CH 8-ohm load (Class A and B)400W/CH 4-ohm load800W/CH 2-ohm load.2:Total Harmonic Distortion :20-20,..
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