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Other Player, DAC, Headhone Amplifier

Other Player, DAC, Headhone Amplifier
 9i-906 headphone amplifier, nicknamed "silver fox," is designed to drive monster class headphones. Its architecture comes from the power amplifier. It has made a lot of adaptive design for the electrical characteristics and sound style of headphones. The overall style is high analytical power,..
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Recently, many people have asked me what happened to the unplugging of the op amp. Now I will give a simple explanation,The current buffer board has a gain of 13dB (same as the official one), unplugging the op amp is quite a direct power amplifier, without the buffer board, that is, the gain will be..
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     Without DAC version:   With DAC version:     Product description • Genuine FPGA scheme • Independent twin-crystal oscillator scheme (45.1584MHz, 49.1520MHz), Intelligent switching of 44.1K and 48K ..
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HPA-A281 Product overview. The product description The HPA-A281 was developed with the target to enable ultimate transmission quality for low- , medium- and high-impedance headphones. Due to its specific, variable, low-noise and low-distortion circuit design especially optimized for dynami..
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At present, the internal Crystek clock has been upgraded to a model specially customized for Musheng, and the performance has been greatly improved. So the price went up slightly. See in-store link for a description of the clock. The real pictures of the interface have not been updated yet, please p..
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  Welcome to Queenway Store!    1.Some items parameters produce from AliExpress system, some of them aren't correct, even fully wrong, the detailed description of products should be correct for us.     2.110V and 220V, If you are in 110V are..
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The back is equipped with 3 sets of clock signal interfaces, which can provide up to three devices supporting 10MHz input at the same time, including USB DAC network player SA-CD player, which can be connected in parallel. Each set of circuits in the OCK-1, from the power section output to the stage..
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.   This one is BUF634 power IC doing the amplifier, it isn't a OPA IC chip amplifeir, so it is a great power headphone amp!   BUF634 is po..
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MG3 parameter introduction: 1. Input interface: 4.4mm five-section headphone jack, defined as: L+, L-, R+, R-, GND   Output interface: 4.4mm five-section headphone jack, defined as: L+, L-, R+, R-, GND   2. Japanese ALPS, with switch potentiometer; independent..
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Product parameters: Model: Andromeda.Power input: AC115V/AC230V.Frequency response: 10Hz-100KHz (-0.5dB).Input method: 3-core XLR balance seat.Output method: 3-pin XLR balance seat, 4-pin XLLR balance seat, 6.35 headphone jack.Output power: 3.8W (32Ω load) (1KHZ, 1% distortion).350mW (600Ω load) (1..
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MUSICIAN Aquarius R2R DAC Array Ture Balance USB/2*I2S/AES Balance/Coaxial Input RCA XLR Balance Output R2R Decoder...
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