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Copy Famous Brand Amplifier

Copy Famous Brand Amplifier
Float rhyme 3.8MK product introduction: The overall upgrade of Purer3.8MK includes the following major changes: With the concise and best hi-end design concept, the circuit is optimized comprehensively, referring to the famous power amplifier in Europe, the selection of materials and the..
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Machine working conditions and functional configuration:1. Power supply voltage: 220V (110V version can be customized).2. Main voltage 63V, transformer power 400W.3. Filter capacitor: 100V 22000UF*4.4. Whole machine weight: 16.5KG.5. Power: Pure Class A 25W*2 8Ω.6. THD: 0.005%.7. Frequency response:..
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Product introduction:1: Equipped with 2 groups of line amplifiers and 4 channels of balanced amplifiers to complete the independent balanced output of each channel (+-) bridge arm, without interfering with each other, so that the sound positioning is accurate and no erratic.2: The use of two importe..
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Features:Each channel uses 3 pairs of precisely matched ON tube kings in parallel MJL4281/MJL4302.Each pair of tube quiescent current 400mA 1.2A per channel.800w Nippon Steel Transformer, completely independent power supply for left and right channels. ​ ​With transformer soft-start and anti-inter..
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Product parameters:Product Name: C22.Bile duct model:Selected 2x12AX7 and 4x12AT7 vacuum tubes.Input impedance: balanced 44K ohms.Unbalanced 22K ohm.Voltage gain: 15dB.Frequency response: + 0, - 0.5dB from 20Hz to 20KHz.Harmonic distortion: 0.8%.Signal to noise ratio: > 100dBInput sensitivity: balan..
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Upgrade version tube :Fully upgrade gold-plated circuit1: KT88x4 vacuum tube post-propulsion, high pressure resistance, full and moist sound2: 12AX7Ax3 vacuum tube high gain tube, which is 100 times the gain factor of ordinary 6N3, 6N8, etc.3: 12AT7Ax4 vacuum tube is better, the sound thickness, den..
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The advantages of FET power amplifier:1: High input impedance is easy to drive, and the change of input impedance with frequency is relatively small;2: The input junction capacitance is small (feedback capacitance), and the change of the output load has little effect on the input;3: High power utili..
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Product parameters:Frequency range: 10HZ-45KHZ (+/-3dB)Signal to noise ratio: 93dBRated power: 80W*2-8Ω 100W*2-4ΩImpedance range: 2-8ΩHarmonic distortion: less than 0.008% 1KHz.1WInput port: RCA lotus terminalOperating voltage: AC 220V 50-60HZSize: 280*80*211mm (W*H*D)Weight: 6KgThis product is avai..
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Product parameters:Frequency range: 15HZ-30KHz (+/-3dB).Signal to noise ratio: 93dB.Rated power: 15W*2 class A equivalent class A and B above 40W digital power amplifier above 80W.Impedance range: 4 to 8 ohms.Harmonic distortion: less than 0.01% 1KHz.1W.Input port: RCA lotus terminal.Operating volta..
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1: Pure A class, output power 80 W /4 ohm. 2. Four signal inputs are adopted and four devices are connected simultaneously. 3: It has the direct function, when the pure power amplifier is used, it's necessary to connect with the Pre. 4. 650W pure copper transformer is used to ..
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Product parameters:Output impedance group: 2Ω, 4Ω, 8ΩOutput power: (single) mono: 75WBile tube model: (single) Two selected KT88 tubes, one selected 12AX7 tube, and two selected 12AT7 tubesFrequency response: 20Hz-20kHzHarmonic distortion: 0.5%S/N Ratio: >100dBInput sensitivity: 1.7V, 0.85VPower ..
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