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Aurum Cantus Speaker

Aurum Cantus Speaker
Aurum Cantus G2ST aluminum belt super high-pitched speaker,The diaphragm thickness of G2 is only 0.01mm and the width is 8.5mm. The diaphragm is made of high-strength alloy coating. After purely hand- crafted into hexagonal honeycomb shape, it is folded into a special wave shape to achieve good over..
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   Queenway Aurum Cantus G3ST-D aluminum super high-pitched speaker loudspeaker super high-pitched speaker/loudspeaker HIFI speaker.   ​     The Aurum Cantus aluminum tweeter is the same as the dome, cone and other speakers. The difference is ..
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       Aurum Cantus Music Goddess 5 8-inch 3-Way 3 Driver floor standing loudspeaker top sound quality AST (Aero Striction Tweeter) Pneumatic (pair).             Aur..
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    Aurum Cantus Music Goddess 6 MK2 10-inch 3-Way 3 Driver floor standing loudspeaker top sound quality(pair).   Aurum Cantus Music Goddess 6 MK2 Design: 3-way vented-box Frequency Response: 28Hz~40KHz Sensitivity (2.83V/1m..
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[xlmodel]-[custom]-[8888]Note : Because the speaker is too big , so the shipping freight is not accurate , if you are interested in this one , and want to purchase , please contact us to confirm the actual shipping cost .The 25th Anniversary version of music goddes 8 is a brand new large-scale speak..
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Product Specifications:Frequency response: 60Hz-40kHz (+/-3dB).Impedance: 8Ω.Rated power: 100W.Cabinet size: 170 x 310 x 300mm (L x W x H). window.adminAccountId=220480405;..
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Aurum Cantus Leisure 2 MK2 5 inch 2-Way 2 Driver bookshelf speaker (G2 Aluminum Ribbon Tweeter) (pair)Parameter:Design: 2 way, bookshelfFrequency Response: 55Hz~40kHz (±3db)Sensitivity: 87dbNominal Impedance: 8ohmPower Handling: 100WTweeter: G2 Aluminum Ribbon TweeterWoofer: AC-130F1 5"。Finish: glos..
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Leisure 5  25th anniversary speaker , bookshelf speaker    The speaker is a two-way two-unit rear-phase and two-line crossover design. The unit configuration is: APR3.1 aluminum belt treble and tailor-made AC165/DC50CK-0604H mid-woofer unit.   ..
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              Aurum Cantus Leisure 5 MKII adopts the APR 3.2 aluminum tweeter and the AC165/50CK woofer . This model is a new high-performance bookshelf speaker from Aurum Cantus.     The ..
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        For the two-way two-unit rear-phase and two-line crossover design, the newly developed APR1.0 aluminum belt tweeter and AC165AVM/50SC mid/woofer unit are the biggest features of this product...   The APR1.0 aluminum belt twe..
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     Aurum Cantus Leisure 7 10-inchs 2-Way 2-Driver bookshelf speaker AST (Aero Striction Tweeter) Pneumatic(pair).   Aurum Cantus Leisure 7   FEATURES:   New model in the high end Leisure series Revolutionary AST (Aer..
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         The melodious 1 Deluxe Edition uses the ADT32F dome tweeter and the AC165/DC50C2C woofer independently developed . The appearance of the cabinet is decorated with piano paint..   The ADT32F dome tweeter was finally develop..
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