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HiVi Speaker

HiVi Speaker
H4 2.0 Multimedia Speaker System  Active Crossover Monitor Speaker 2-way 4th vented speaker  82dB 6 ohms   45W RMS 90W RMS/2    Parameters    System Series: Active Crossover Monitor Speaker 2.0 System System Type: Two-way 4th vent..
Ex Tax:$376.00
H5 2.0 Multimedia Speaker powered bookshelf speaker Active 2.0 music monitor speaker Two-way 4th vented speaker 87dB 4ohms   Parameters System Series:Active Crossover Monitor Speaker System System Type:Two-way 4th vented speaker system Driver..
Ex Tax:$560.00
H5MKII Wireless 2.0 Multimedia Bookshelf Speakers High-fidelity Bluetooth WiFi Monitor Speakers 2-way 4th-order vented speaker   Parameters System Type 2-way 4th-order vented speaker system ..
Ex Tax:$520.00
     Suite listing     Tweeter unit: Q1R * 2 Midrange unit: DMA-A*2 Woofer unit: D10.8*2 Divider: DC2.5F*2 Guide tube: *2 Pure copper junction box: *2 Logo: *2 Sound-absorbing cotton: 1 square meters 5 met..
Ex Tax:$505.00
Hivi DIY speakers kit 5 inch woofer F5N Q1R speaker driver unit window.adminAccountId=220480405;..
Ex Tax:$297.00
Hivi DIY speakers kit 10 inch subwoofer Q1R+SS10+DMA-A+DN-B1Fspeaker driver unit.Suite list.Tweeter unit:Q1R*2Midrange unit:DMA-A*2Woofer unit:SS10*2Divider:DN-B1F*2Guide tube: *2Pure copper junction box: *2Logo: *2Sound-absorbing cotton: 1 square meters5 meters sealing ring4 meters speaker cable ​..
Ex Tax:$355.00
M300 Active HiFi Speaker TV Bluetooth Speaker Bluetooth Line Input professional DSP divider 2.0 media speaker 2 way  95dB    Parameters Model : M300 Series : professional DSP divider 2.0 media speaker System type : 2 way 4 orders vente..
Ex Tax:$600.00
Product parameters:   Model: m-077 Material: Wood Impedance: 8 Ω Color classification: Maple Weight (g): 34kg Speaker structure: hifi pair box Speaker type: Front。 Power: 300W Sensitivity: 89dB / MW window.adminAccountId=220480405;..
Ex Tax:$890.00
Product introduction:   The new m3 plus walnut high fidelity music bookshelf box adopts a 6.5-inch bass, inheriting the classic log appearance, better low frequency and higher electroacoustic performance of HiVi M series bookshelf box, which is bound to cause the reference level fever..
Ex Tax:$1,799.00
[xlmodel]-[custom]-[8888]Product parameters:Speaker Series :DSP Active Wi-Fi Stereo SeriesAudio model: M300MKII.Sytem form:Three-way active inverter speaker syst.Unit confiquration:Professional 6.5 inch woofer.Professional 50mm midrange.Equal magnetic field tweeter.Frequency range: 38HZ-40KHZ (±3dB,..
Ex Tax:$888.00
M3AMKII/M3A 3-way Wireless WiFi/LAN/Bluetooth 2.0 Channel Multimedia Bookshelf Speakers Luxurious high-density solid wood Remote    Parameters Model                           M3AMKII ..
Ex Tax:$1,095.00
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