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HiFi Full Range Speakers

HiFi Full Range Speakers
The crystal-10 full-range speaker adopts a 10-inch full-range unit from the Xizi horn flower crystal series, plus a unique arcThe shaped box effectively suppresses the standing waves inside the box, making the sound cleaner, pure and transparent like crystal.Basic parameters:Standard impedance: 8 oh..
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Coaxia1-8 technical parameters:Coaxial tweeter unit: 41mm aluminum alloy diaphragm/horn waveguide ​Coaxial woofer unit: .8 inch paper diaphragm / special he double suspension design ​Box Material: Imported walnut leather box ​Speaker Size: width 28x depth 29x height 41cm ​Weight: 30 kg/pair. ​P..
Ex Tax:$620.00
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