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Professional Tweeter

Professional Tweeter
This is the price of 1 pcs. if you need 2 pcs, please select quantity "2"British horn LS50 coaxial horn, Installation size Panel outer diameter 142mm, The hole is 120mm, the center hole of the diagonal screw is 133mm110mm m..
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line array speaker system tweeter unit, it is for VRX 932 612 series.         DIY Professionele Luidsprekers Systeem U kunt installeren (DIY) een goedkope professionele luidsprekers systeem door onze speaker eenheden en lege dozen..
Ex Tax:$110.45
  PT-006 Treble 120 magnetic 44 core professional stage KTV treble 44 core treble driver 8ohms 108dB 40W   window.adminAccountId=220480405;..
Ex Tax:$29.90
    PT-011 170 magnetic 75 core composite film tweeter professional stage 75 core treble driv..
Ex Tax:$54.00
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