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CDT-17AMK2 (Diamond Version)Product parameters:Whole machine frequency: 20HZ-35KH2 (±0.5dB, 24bit/192KHZ)Power supply voltage~220V±5% 50HZ.Signal to n..
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Product parameters:Speaker model: D300.Speaker series: DSP active stereo sound series.System form: two-way fourth-order phase inverted speaker system...
Ex Tax:$399.00
EZ-4002C: Acrylic version phonograph:EZ-4002C: Acrylic version turntable;EZ-6009B tonearm: Schneider drive motor;Combination of soft and hard three-la..
Ex Tax:$2,699.50
15 inch loudspeaker Product parameters:Product name: 15 inch coaxial Loudspeakers.Coaxial tweeter: 33mm aluminum alloy diaphragm tulip wave guide.Coax..
Ex Tax:$1,850.00
Product parameters:Product Type: 2.0HIFI smart box.Audio and video decoding: 4K*2K audio and video decoding.APE/FLAC/NWMA/MP3, etc..Intelligent system..
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Product parameters:KT88 TUBE:Rated output power: RMS triode working status: 20W+20WRMS super linear working state 40W+40WWhole machine frequency respo..
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R-28 (2021 version).Fully balanced and fully discrete headphone amplifier and pre-amplifier all-in-one.Built-in fully balanced amp/preamp, output powe..
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woofer Product parameters:Model: LS59 two-way book speakerAmount power range: 35W-150WFrequency response: 30-25KHZ.Impedance: 8 ohms.Sensitivity: 90DB..
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EZ-6012C 12" Gemstone fulcrum straight tone armCopper tone arm, matte chromium plating on the surface,The OFC cable in the tone arm from UK,4 pieces g..
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Separate attenuating valve MCphonograph amplifierThis amplifier is especially designed for audiophile who enjoying high quality pickup. In order to ke..
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Split transistors phono amplifierFollowing MC electronic valve,nice and tidy profile, try to get rid of all the elements which could influence the eff..
Ex Tax:$1,300.00
EZ-6012C-55 12 Gemstone fulcrum straight tone armThickness 5. 5mm copper cover,Surface is titanium plating,99.99% pure silver tone arm, tone arm insid..
Ex Tax:$2,000.00
EZ-6009B 9" Fulcrum vertical Tonearm Detachable Cartridge Copper Tone Arm Tube LP Turntable ArmArm tube used copper, surface is polished chrome.4mm mi..
Ex Tax:$416.60
EIZZ EZ-6012DR 12” Fulcrum vertical Tonearm Detachable Cartridge Copper Tone Arm Tube LPEIZZ brand LP player system products:EIZZ recommends one of th..
Ex Tax:$3,166.00
EIZZ EZ-6010D 10” Fulcrum vertical Tonearm Detachable Cartridge Copper Tone Arm Tube LP TubeEIZZ brand LP player system products:EIZZ recommends one o..
Ex Tax:$1,833.00
EZ-6012D 12 Gemstone fulcrum straight tone armTitanium alloy tone arm, surface black treatment /copper tone arm surface plating titaniumNetherlands Va..
Ex Tax:$2,000.00
EZ-6010C 10 Gemstone fulcrum straight tone armThe 0. 2mm thickness of copper ultra-thin tone arm, and the surface is plated with titanium gold99.99% p..
Ex Tax:$1,833.30
Speaker technical parameters:Speaker 10 inch three-way drum type bookshelf boxRated power range: 60W-150WFrequency response: 25Hz-25kHzImpedance: 4-8Ω..
Ex Tax:$624.00
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TZTShuguang Audio SG-300B Super Deluxe Classic Version Tube Amplifier Single-Ended Hifi Tube Amp Boasts Good SoundVersion Comparison:SG-300B Classic V..
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1. Alcuni articoli parametri produrre dal sistema Dei AliExpress, alcuni di loro non sono corrette, anche completamente sbagliato, la descrizione dett..
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Descrizione del prodotto: Modello: DX 4406P Materiale: legno Impedenza: 4 ~ 8 Classificazione di colore: colore rovere, altri ..
Ex Tax:$3,840.00
Descrizione del prodotto: Modello: DS 2815 Materiale: legno Impedenza: 4 ~ 8Ω Tipo di interfaccia: interfaccia RCA Class..
Ex Tax:$2,572.00
Descrizione del prodotto: Modello: DC103L Materiale: legno Impedenza: 4 ~ 8Ω Tipo di interfaccia: interfaccia RCA Classi..
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Descrizione del prodotto: Modello: DC 3308 SS Materiale: legno Impedenza: 8 Tipo di interfaccia: interfaccia RCA Classif..
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   Queenway Aurum Cantus G3ST-D aluminum super high-pitched speaker loudspeaker super high-pitched speaker/loudspeaker HIFI speaker. ..
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