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Basic technical parameters:※ Output power: 35W×2 (three-pole tube connection). 60W×2 (super linear connection).※ Frequency respo..
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2A3C single-ended picture 1 2A3C has been replaced with a noble brand:2A3C single-ended power amplifier Figure 22A3C single-ended figure threeMachine ..
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Product parameters:Input sensitivity: 550mVOutput power: 2×35Watt (super linear connection)Output power: 2×18Watt (three-pole tube connection)Signal t..
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Product parameters.Output power:28W(8Ω RMS)Frequency response:15Hz~3kHz(-3dB)Harmonic distortion:2%(1kHz)Input Impedance:100KΩOutput impedance: 4Ω, 8Ω..
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The specific upgrade details are as follows:1. A piece of aluminum alloy panel is added on the front, and the appearance is more high-end atmosphere,2..
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Dual system designS16 is a networked digital media player designed for hard-core sound quality requirements. It uses outstanding electronic design to ..
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Product parameters:Product model: A10Operation mode: single-endedPower tube: EL34Push tube: 6N2Rectifier tube :5Z4PJOutput power: 12W "2 (super linear..
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Basic technical parameters:※ Output power: 12W*2 (super linear connection).※ Frequency response: 20Hz--28KHz.※ Output impedance: 4, 8Ω.※ Total harmoni..
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Product parameters:Power supply voltage: 220V~±5%(50Hz)Rated output power: 18W+18W (RMS three-pole tube working state)38W+38W (RMS super linear workin..
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Product parameters:Product model: A20Operation mode: Single-endedPower tube :KT88Push tube: 6J8PJRectifier tube :5Z3PAOutput power: 18W*2 (super linea..
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Product parameters:Product model: M2Operation mode: single-endedPower tube:EL34Push tube: 6N1JRectifier tube: 5Z2POutput power: 8W*2 (super linear con..
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Product parameters:Product model: M5Operation mode: single-endedPower tube: KT88Push tube: 6N2Rectifier tube: 5Z3POutput power: 15W*2 (super linear co..
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FFYX air-floating tourbillon motor, rotation speed, complete isolation of vibration, one-key switching between 33 and 45 rotations, two kinds of rotat..
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Air pump, three-way air supply, air volume and current meter head display, air volume can be fine-tuned, completely silent, very convenient to use! Fe..
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Matched with ART customized alloy tonearm cable and alloy RCA seat;VTA can be adjusted through the upper knob;Using high-precision bearings, the amoun..
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FFYX 15th Anniversary Edition air floating vinyl record player.Main improvement technologies:1.Reinforced composite double-layer turntable, which is 1..
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The improvement of A181G, the air rail is changed to alloy copper, which increases the quality and suppresses harmful vibrations. The surface is speci..
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Product parameters:Model: CDT-5AMK2 monitor versionPower supply voltage: ~220V±5% 50HzFrequency response: 20Hz-20kHz±0.5dBSignal to noise ratio: ≥90dB..
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Thank y​ou for visiting QUEENWAY STORE! Welcome to consult all items’ price, especially about the international freight of above 20Kg, maybe there are..
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1. Alcuni articoli parametri produrre dal sistema Dei AliExpress, alcuni di loro non sono corrette, anche completamente sbagliato, la descrizione dett..
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Descrizione del prodotto: Modello: DX 4406P Materiale: legno Impedenza: 4 ~ 8 Classificazione di colore: colore rovere, altri ..
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Descrizione del prodotto: Modello: DS 2815 Materiale: legno Impedenza: 4 ~ 8Ω Tipo di interfaccia: interfaccia RCA Class..
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Descrizione del prodotto: Modello: DC103L Materiale: legno Impedenza: 4 ~ 8Ω Tipo di interfaccia: interfaccia RCA Classi..
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Descrizione del prodotto: Modello: DC 3308 SS Materiale: legno Impedenza: 8 Tipo di interfaccia: interfaccia RCA Classif..
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   Queenway Aurum Cantus G3ST-D aluminum super high-pitched speaker loudspeaker super high-pitched speaker/loudspeaker HIFI speaker. ..
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