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Arya invisible magnet version parameters:Impedance: 32Ω.Sensitivity: 94dB.Frequency response: 8Hz-65kHz.Net weight: 430g.. window.adminAccountId=2204..
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Coaxial speaker parameters:Nominal specifications:Name: 12-inch 100-core mid-woofer.Net weight: 5KG.Speaker outer diameter: about 315mmMagnet: NdFeB 9..
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Product parameters:Output:Sampling rate: 44.1khzOutput port: RCA, BNC, AES, HDMI-I2SAES/EBU: 2V, 75OHMSIIS OVER HDMI: 3.3V LVDS. 110OHMSAC voltage: 23..
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PH-9 technical parameters:Project     Specification parametersMMMCRated output voltage200mV(20V MAX)200mV(20V MAX)Gain40dB57dB / 6..
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Steel Q5 full-range speaker is undoubtedly a milestone, higher sensitivity, better sense of space, better sense of departure from the box, higher clar..
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Welcome to Queenway Store!1.Some items parameters produce from AliExpress system, some of them aren't correct, even fully wrong, the detailed descript..
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Technical Highlights:Precision Oven Controlled Crystal Oscillator OCXO.Adjustable Output Frequencies.Small Form Factor.CLOCK-OUT (Fixed).45.1548MHz x ..
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Product parameters:Specification information:Product name: 15 inch 100 core bass speakerSpeaker outer diameter: about 395mmDiagonal screw hole: about ..
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[xlmodel]-[custom]-[8888][xlmodel]-[photo]-[000This unit adopts dual differential complementary symmetrical pushpull amplifying. FET (field effect tra..
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Features:1.The advanced version adopts loop-free negative feedback full-direct current full-balance discrete class a output circuit, the USB part uses..
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Introduction of the upgraded version:1. It takes 15 days to customize,2. Mainly to replace more advanced tweeters.3. Upgrade the frequency divider,4. ..
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Features:ES9038Q2M Chip DAC, with 125dB Dynamic Range at 1kHz.D10 Balanced is compatible with 16- 32bit/44.1 -384kHz and DSD64-DSD256 NativeSupports p..
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Product parameters: Model: JD-10s 10-inch three-way bookshelf speaker Rated power range: 60W-180W.Frequency response: 28Hz-25kHz.Impedance: 8 ohms.S..
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Product parameters:Model: PA3s Power Amplifier Output Power: 80W x 2 @4ΩTHD+N< 10% 45W X 2 @8ΩTHD+N<10% 65W x 2 @4Q THD+N< 1% 37W x 2 @8Q ..
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Product parameters:Product model: DF-A10Rated impedance: 8 ohmsPower range: 80-180WFrequency response: 28HZ-28KHZSensitivity: 92DBSuper tweeter: 2.5 i..
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Product parameters:Impedance: 8-ohmsPower: 100-180WFrequenncy Range: 20-20KhzSensitivity: 90dBTweeter :Dome tweeterMid-woofer:6.5 inchWoofer:Double 10..
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1. Alcuni articoli parametri produrre dal sistema Dei AliExpress, alcuni di loro non sono corrette, anche completamente sbagliato, la descrizione dett..
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Descrizione del prodotto: Modello: DX 4406P Materiale: legno Impedenza: 4 ~ 8 Classificazione di colore: colore rovere, altri ..
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Descrizione del prodotto: Modello: DS 2815 Materiale: legno Impedenza: 4 ~ 8Ω Tipo di interfaccia: interfaccia RCA Class..
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Descrizione del prodotto: Modello: DC103L Materiale: legno Impedenza: 4 ~ 8Ω Tipo di interfaccia: interfaccia RCA Classi..
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Descrizione del prodotto: Modello: DC 3308 SS Materiale: legno Impedenza: 8 Tipo di interfaccia: interfaccia RCA Classif..
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   Queenway Aurum Cantus G3ST-D aluminum super high-pitched speaker loudspeaker super high-pitched speaker/loudspeaker HIFI speaker. ..
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