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Product parameters:Impedance: 8-ohms.Power: 100-180W.Frequenncy Range: 20-20Khz.Sensitivity: 90dB.Tweeter :Dome tweeter.Mid-woofer:6.5 inch.Woofer:Dou..
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  Brand New TJ FULLMUSIC VACUUM TUBE   Classification- Dome-type or Aubergine-type bulb of glass, a white ceramic base w..
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MUZISHARE i3 Vacuum Tube Power Amplifier12W*2 Headphone Amplifier Bluetooth HIFI Class A Fever Tube Amplifier 6H2N-EB*2 6P1*4 115V/230V voltage swi..
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Introduction of the upgraded version:1. It takes 15 days to customize,2. Mainly to replace more advanced tweeters3. Upgrade the frequency divider,4. F..
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Product parameters:Speaker series: DSP active stereo speaker seriesSpeaker model: HiVi-Swans D100System form: 2-way 4th-order vented speaker systemDri..
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Queenway Aurum Cantus G2ST aluminum super high-pitched speaker loudspeaker super high-pitched speaker/loudspeakerAurum Cantus G2ST aluminum belt super..
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1 PCS 6SN7GT Transistor Replace (6N8P-J 6N8P-T CV181-Z)Matched Amplifier HIFI Audio Vacuum Tube.. window.adminAccountId=220480405;..
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PT-012 170 magnetic 75 core professional stage performance horn tweeter 72.2 core treble driver 100W 110dB 8ohms.. window.adminAccountId=220480405;..
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Product parameters:Model: WZ-501SPower range: 50W-100WRated impedance: 4-8Ω.Frequency: 20Hz-25KHz.Tweeter unit: 1 inch*1.Mid-woofer unit: 5.5 inches*1..
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Product features:●Eight watts per channel, Single Ended design, Pure Class A Integrated Stereo Amplifierwith 300B output power tubes.●All tube Integra..
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Product Specifications:Frequency response: 60Hz-40kHz (+/-3dB).Impedance: 8Ω.Rated power: 100W.Cabinet size: 170 x 310 x 300mm (L x W x H).
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Product parameters:Rated impedance: 8Ω.Power range: 150-300W.Frequency response: 25Hz--28KHz.Sensitivity: 95DB.Tweeter unit: rotating wood horn tweete..
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Aurum Cantus Music Goddess 3 8-inch 3-Way 3 Driver floor standing loudspeaker top sound quality (pair).Aurum Cantus Music Goddess 3Serious u..
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Product features●Hand-made construction with the finest point-to-point wiring.●Specially designed EI transformer for power supply.●Two EI output trans..
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Features:Each channel uses 3 pairs of precisely matched ON tube kings in parallel MJL4281/MJL4302.Each pair of tube quiescent current 400mA 1.2A per c..
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Thank y​ou for visiting QUEENWAY STORE! Welcome to consult all items’ price, especially about the international freight of above 20Kg, maybe there are..
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1. Alcuni articoli parametri produrre dal sistema Dei AliExpress, alcuni di loro non sono corrette, anche completamente sbagliato, la descrizione dett..
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Descrizione del prodotto: Modello: DX 4406P Materiale: legno Impedenza: 4 ~ 8 Classificazione di colore: colore rovere, altri ..
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Descrizione del prodotto: Modello: DS 2815 Materiale: legno Impedenza: 4 ~ 8Ω Tipo di interfaccia: interfaccia RCA Class..
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Descrizione del prodotto: Modello: DC103L Materiale: legno Impedenza: 4 ~ 8Ω Tipo di interfaccia: interfaccia RCA Classi..
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Descrizione del prodotto: Modello: DC 3308 SS Materiale: legno Impedenza: 8 Tipo di interfaccia: interfaccia RCA Classif..
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   Queenway Aurum Cantus G3ST-D aluminum super high-pitched speaker loudspeaker super high-pitched speaker/loudspeaker HIFI speaker. ..
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