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FFYX LP Turntable Player

FFYX LP Turntable Player
Pay attention to the bundle when placing an order:Bundle 1: T1805A walnut + 10-inch 182 tonearm air float turntable.Bundle 2: T1805A Walnut + 12-inch 182 Tone Arm Air Floating Turntable..FFYX T1805 Vinyl Turntable Tone Arm SetTurntable part: The aluminum alloy turntable with a thickness of 30MM is u..
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60MM thick aviation aluminum alloy turntable, air bearing, magnetic floating double-layer base, bottom stainless steel pad + ball secondary shock absorber, top knob for precise level adjustment。Technical Parameters: Air bearing, effectively avoid vibration, more stable, Magnetic suspension base, s..
Ex Tax:$5,206.00
Air pump, three-way air supply, air volume and current meter head display, air volume can be fine-tuned, completely silent, very convenient to use! Feifanci flagship T1803 and flagship T1801 full air-floating record players are recommended for matching. It can be used in Feifan's full range of air..
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FFYX air-floating tourbillon motor, rotation speed, complete isolation of vibration, one-key switching between 33 and 45 rotations, two kinds of rotation speeds with separate knobs for fine adjustment, suitable for various phonographs . window.adminAccountId=220480405;..
Ex Tax:$1,360.00
FFYX 15th Anniversary Edition air floating vinyl record player.Main improvement technologies:1.Reinforced composite double-layer turntable, which is 15% higher than the original density and rigidity;2.Grooves are added to the surface of the turntable to reduce the resonance point and facilitate the ..
Ex Tax:$31,600.00
Matched with ART customized alloy tonearm cable and alloy RCA seat;VTA can be adjusted through the upper knob;Using high-precision bearings, the amount of information and sound density have reached a very good quality;Tonearm tracking is stable and reliable, with strong tracking ability!The needle p..
Ex Tax:$1,360.00
  Technical parameters   Equipped with magnetic bearing and maglev base   Double layer 20mm acrylic base   Magnetic floating isolation platform design, shock absorber effect is great!   60MM thick aluminum platter &..
Ex Tax:$1,999.00
1.Float slide, 2.Ultra-precision VTA visible, 3. Newly upgraded arm tube structure, alloy phono shell, integrated design of the tone arm.. If you want to buy cartridge, there are several vinyl cartridge you can choose :   Name/link ..
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1.As short a tone arm as possible, 2.Air buoyancy slide, 3.The guide rail is not smooth, it is not afraid of dust and will not block the air holes. 4.0.5g pressure can track normally/ 5.Stylus pressure, VTA, angle, level and other important parameters can be adjusted If y..
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The improvement of A181G, the air rail is changed to alloy copper, which increases the quality and suppresses harmful vibrations. The surface is specially coated. The coating is manually polished three times before and after the coating is completed. The smoothness after the air is increased by seve..
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FFYX dual 12V cable output matching with LP audio Vinyl Turntable... window.adminAccountId=220480405;..
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Pay attention to the bundle when placing an order:Bundle 1: T1805 Maglev Disk + 10-inch 182 Tone Arm/Black.Bundle 2: T1805A Air Floatation Disk + 10-inch 182 Tone Arm/Black.Bundle 3: T1805 Maglev Disk + 12-inch 182 Tone Arm/BlackBundle 4: T1805A Air Floating Disc + 12-inch 182 Tone Arm/BlackBundle 5..
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