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Xinruike Shinrico XRK Digital Player, DAC

Xinruike Shinrico XRK Digital Player, DAC
  XRK U10 Dual 9038Pro DAC Decoder FPGA Architecture Native Balance Decoder         Our digital players have a digital-to-air all-in-one with DAC decoding and a pure digital turntable without a DAC. Four years ago, our own research and development..
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  More powerful engine, experience speed and passion; industrial level, car class, quad core CPU, providing strong driving force to support more relaxed music experience Support SATA interface, Playing music files directly from 2.5 inches SATA hard disk, support FAT32  N..
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      The difference between D3S and D3 ​ PCB board wiring and circuit design have a big difference; D3S in the power ring cattle part of the layout, the choice of internal electronic components, the use of coupling resistors and capacitors..
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          Audio  Parameters Analog distortion:  THD≤0.0008% (44.1k sampling, 1KHz sine wave, 0db output time) Digital distortion:  THD≤0.00001% Dimension :225*90*29.5mm  Power consumption: ﹤15W &..
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      Product function :     1.The powerful hardware configuration consists of a strong hi-fi rated non-destructive music player                    DAC: top DAC ESS9018; op amp: Top op amp AD797    ..
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[xlmodel]-[photo]-[0000]       SHD20 firmware FW_SHD20_V2.0:!fQQBXKwR!VDyvrR8MDX2mWIEDPkm5sRkrMjGbXmRWeAkNzgtFDOo window.adminAccountId=220480405;..
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[xlmodel]-[photo]-[0000]         XRK U8 decoding Headphone amp integrated circuit architecture:   USB Module + FPGA + MCU + Dual AK4497EQ DAC + OPA1611/OPA1612 Op Amps   Native fully balanced output arch..
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   SHD20 firmware FW_SHD20_V2.0:!fQQBXKwR!VDyvrR8MDX2mWIEDPkm5sRkrMjGbXmRWeAkNzgtFDOo     window.adminAccountId=220480405;..
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