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Shanling CD, Amplifier, Digital Player, DAC

Shanling CD, Amplifier, Digital Player, DAC
    FUNCTION: 1. Support DSD file playback 2. Support 192kHz WAV file playback 3. Support iPod, iPhone, iPad digital playback 4. Support DLNA 1.5 and UPNP Playback Function. It can connect with PC, NAS and intelligent mobile phone by Wi-Fi. 5. With..
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  Product function:  1. High performance R type transformer  2. 1PPM TCXO noise clock (temperature compensation)  3. Digital pulse transformer: DA102MC G1439  4. 6800μF 35V super capacitor  5. PHILIPS CD ..
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  ​       Product features                                         Output level:       2V            ..
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        USB 2.0 input, 24bit/384KHz iPod input  DSD1bit/2.8MHz, DSD1bit/5.6MHz ESS9018 for D/A converting ..
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        Shanling EC1B CD is one of China's most popular hifi CD Player, as an entry-level CD Player, it has a very high price, the&n..
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Technical parameters:Decoding chip: XMOS U8A Conversion chip: MUSE8920 Low noise operational amplifier: OPA604AP Vacuum Tube: 12AT7 Input method: USB input/coaxial input/Bluetooth input Output mode: analog output / coaxial output Scope of application: turntable, external decoderProduct paramet..
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    Product function:  1. Completely new digital and analog circuitry design  2. Austria Stream Unlimited CD-80 digital plan  3. Sanyo pickup mechanism, Philips SAA7824 servo system  4. ES2662S x 2 Class A a..
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  There CD-2000T is the version out of China( English manual ), the CD-T100MKII is the China version(China manual), but we can provide English manul for CD-T100MKII. Its main difference is apperence, the else is the same!   Product function:  1...
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      Shanling CD3.2 HIFI CD Player Vacuum Tube Full Balanced CD Player Product introduction: 1. The digital receiver chip company CRYSTAL CS8416 2. The use of..
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  parameters RCA output level: 2.2V XLR output level: 4.4V Frequency response: 20Hz~20KHz(±0.2dB) SNR: 115dB THD+N: <0.001% USB sampling rate: USB2.0,32bit/384KHZ DSD sampling rate: DSD 1bit/2.8MHz, DSD 1bit/5.6MHz Power consumption: 9W ..
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   Product function:  1. HPILIPS SAA782HL CD servo system  2. USB control chip: TENOR TE70022.  3. Digital signal for 24bit/96KHz sampling  4. Digital power amplifier module: ALC0100-2200  5. High efficie..
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      Product function:  1. True balanced full vacuum tube output, RCA and XLR  2. Digital input and USB input added  3. Can be functioned as a high end DAC  4. Top loading mechanism with Philips servo sy..
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