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Shanling CD, Amplifier, Digital Player, DAC

Shanling CD, Amplifier, Digital Player, DAC
    FUNCTION: 1. Support DSD file playback 2. Support 192kHz WAV file playback 3. Support iPod, iPhone, iPad digital playback 4. Support DLNA 1.5 and UPNP Playback Function. It can connect with PC, NAS and intelligent mobile phone by Wi-Fi. 5. With..
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Features:Other high-level capacitors and other componentsAdopt gold-plated input and output terminalsCM663USB decoding schemeHigh-quality R-type transformer power supplyHigh electrical strength, strong flame retardancyUse coaxial, USB connection as a decoder for PC and multiple audio sourcesWhen usi..
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Technical parameters:Decoding chip: XMOS U8A Conversion chip: MUSE8920 Low noise operational amplifier: OPA604AP Vacuum Tube: 12AT7 Input method: USB input/coaxial input/Bluetooth input Output mode: analog output / coaxial output Scope of application: turntable, external decoderProduct paramet..
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CD-S100 (15) versione:Funzione del prodotto:1. Completamente nuovo di digitale e analogico circuito di design2. Austria Flusso Illimitato CD-80 piano digitale3. Sanyo meccanismo pickup, Philips SAA7824 servo sistema4. ES2662S x 2 Classe A di uscita analogica fase5. High end per utilizzo audio conden..
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Shanling CD-T100MKII Global Limited VersionBluetooth 5.0 USB can solve DSD..DAC upgraded to AK4493.USB receiver chip upgraded to XMOS U208.Added Bluetooth 5.0, chip CSR8675, support for multiple formats, HIFI Bluetooth..Product features:Philips Servo System/Top Open Disc Storage/AK4493 Digital-to-An..
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Product parameters:RAC vacuum tube output:Output level: 2.0V.Frequency response: 20Hz-40kHz (-0.5dB).THD+N:0.05%(A-W).Channel separation: 90dB.Signal to noise ratio: 104dB.Noise floor: 98dB.Dynamic range: 104dB.BAL output:Output level: 4.3V.Frequency response: 20z-40kHz (-0.5dB).THD+N: 0.0006%(A-W/3..
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Product parameters:Computer hardware requirements: with USB2.0 interface, 2 dual-core 2.2GHZ or AMD CPU of the same level, 32-bit operating system, more than 2G memory or 64-bit operating system, more than 4G memoryCompatible system: WIN7, WIN8, WIN8.1 and MACOSX10.9Headphone output impedance: 16Ω--..
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   Product function:  1. HPILIPS SAA782HL CD servo system  2. USB control chip: TENOR TE70022.  3. Digital signal for 24bit/96KHz sampling  4. Digital power amplifier module: ALC0100-2200  5. High efficie..
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      Product function:  1. True balanced full vacuum tube output, RCA and XLR  2. Digital input and USB input added  3. Can be functioned as a high end DAC  4. Top loading mechanism with Philips servo sy..
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    Features 1.Multifunctional OLED display screen 2.Using CSR V4.0 Bluetooth chip to support APT-X output at HIFI level   3.Use TI electronic volume control chip to adjust output volume   4.Using SANKEN high power output tub..
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Product parameters: Dimensions: 460x455x226mm (width x depth x height) Net weight: about 29kg.Output method: speakers out.Maximum output power:.200W@8Ω(stereo) 400W@4Ω (stereo) 500W@8Ω(bridge) Frequency response: 10HZ~30KHZ (-0.5dB) Headphone output power: 195mW@32Ω 750mW@300Ω Input sensitiv..
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Product function: 1. High bias voltage CLASS A B audio power amplifier circuit based on transistor characteristics  2. New research and development of high stability heavyweight chassis, to eliminate the vast majority of external vibration interference ..
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