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CDM4 CD-PRO CD Player   1. Some items parameters produce from AliExpress system, some of them aren't correct, even fully wrong, the detailed description of products should be correct for us.    2. P  lea..
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The structure of CDM4 turntable is as follows: 1. The power supply is made very carefully. The NAIM power supply is HIFI based on the British NAIM power line and TALEMA ring transformer. The multilevel regulator is composed of LT1085 first stage and ∏, which is composed of 10 multichannel..
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CDM4 turntable Push CD turntable CD player DIY turntable   Chassis size: 430*360*85mm, net weight is about 10KG.   Accept private customization, welcome to call or shop to consult. Thank you for coming!   Power transformer: original brand new sealed..
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Jay's Audio CDP-2 built-in R2R decoder CD playerTechnical points:●PHILIPS-CDM4 classic rocker head HI-END grade pure CD movement.●Built-in Danish original Soekris dam1021 DAC moduleMainboard I2S differential signal straight chain built-in Danish original R2R DAC Module decoding module.●Using 3 impor..
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New MK3 upgrade items:Brand new digital output circuit.Custom low phase noise OCⅩO constant temperature clock, with high-precision PLL phase-locked loop circuit.The sampling rate can be increased to 1764KHz (can be turned on or off by remote control).Up to 10 groups of independent regulated power su..
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Product parameters:Output:Sampling rate: 44.1khz.Output port: RCA, BNC, AES, HDMI-I2SAES/EBU: 2V, 75OHMS.IIS OVER HDMI: 3.3V LVDS. 110OHMS.AC voltage: 230VAC (115VAC can be factory customized).Power supply power: standby <5 WATTS, running <30 WATTSDimensions: 430X120X380MM (WXHXD).Net weight: ..
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Describe:Built-in the well-known Danish Soekris DAM1941 0.012% high-precision full-balance DAC module. Denmark Soekris has successively launched various discrete high-precision R2R DAC modules in recent years. Because of its high-quality indicators and attractive listening experience, it has been we..
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Product parameters: System: CD digital audio system Power supply: AC 220V 50Hz Power consumption: 35W (for user reference only) Size: 430(W)×80(H)×330(D)mm.Net weight: 10kg.Operating temperature +5-+35°C Working humidity: 5-90% (no condensation) Output level: 2.0Vp-p Reading time: ≤5 seconds ..
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Pay attention to Bundle when placing an order:Bundle 1: PD6 Warm Compensation Clock Edition.Bundle 2: PD6X Thermostat Clock Audio Plus.PD6X technical parameters:Product Category: HiFi Blu-ray PlayerDisc formats: UHD Blu-ray, Blu-ray, Blu-ray 3D, DVD-Video, DVD-Audio, AVCHD, SACD, CD, Kodak Picture C..
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    Parameters System: Laser Disc Digital Audio System Power supply: AC 220V 50Hz Power consumption: 35W Size: 420*75*320 Working temperature: +5--+35 degrees Celsius Working humidity: 5-90% (no dew) Output level: 2.2V Read..
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The materials used for CD-MU13 are quite particular, and the decoding chip adopts the dual decoding ES9038Q2M. The resolution of this chip is quite good. The op amp also uses high-quality OPA2604 (the price of this op amp has nearly doubled), which is significantly better than LME49720, OPA2134 and ..
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        Crystal oscillator connects one spare clock with rear plate. It can be used as the clock of synchronous decoder to reduce vibration. Please contact us if you want to know the specific response of using. The default output freq..
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