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GoldenWave DAC, Headhone Amplifier

GoldenWave DAC, Headhone Amplifier
      GoldenWave   Amber 3 AMBER MK3 Headphone Amplifier Fully Balanced Pure Class A Headphone 120W Power  Supply AC 220V 50/60Hz   Features: 1. Amber 3 is a new earphone amplifier developed by Amber 2. Compa..
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  GoldenWave  AMBER II Amber 2 Headphone Amplifier Pure Class A  Full Balanced Headphone Amplifier  Fully Balanced Headset Driver       Materials:   The PCB of FR4 with high quality and 2. 0 thick ..
Ex Tax:$952.00
 GoldenWave GA-01 GA01   Headphone Amplifier Class A Pure Balanced Headphone Amplifier Low Resistance Headphone Amplifier   Class A working state of high bias current  The GA01 uses  high bias current ,class A amplifying circuit..
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   GoldenWave GA-X Flagship Headphone Amplifier Fully Balanced Pure Class A Headphone Amp Aerospace grade aluminum CNC machining case   Specification   Components:   Aeronautical grade aluminum ingot CNC processin..
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GoldenWave  GD-X  DAC Decoder Headphone Amplifier  Integrated Decoder/Headphone Integrated Amplifier  High-Performance Fully Balanced   Components 1. Class A balanced Structure The part of headphone amp,GDX,designed absolutely four gro..
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        Product description: 1. GD-X II use AKM D/A decoder chip AK4497, Maximum support: PCM 384kHz/32bit or DSD256 (After upgrade the driver, Can support DSD 1024). 2. GD-X II use XMOS Xcore-200 XU-208 chip for the USB int..
Ex Tax:$1,180.00
GoldenWave GD-01 GD01 Hifi Music Full balance DSD64 Decoder AK4390 AK4118 FIFO DAC AMP Integrated Headphone Amplifier ​   Parameters     Digital input: USB input format support: PCM 16-24Bit/44.1-192KHz, DSD64/12 USB input operating s..
Ex Tax:$640.00
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