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Gustard DAC, Headhone Amplifier

Gustard DAC, Headhone Amplifier
Cayin N8 Vacuum Tube Portable player   Product description:  1. Choice of Vacuum Tube and Solid State amplification in 3.5mm headphone output   2. Dual Output Mode: High Impedance High Output Mode (HIGH2) delivers 200mWpc@300Ω (balanced)  ..
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GUSTARD DAC-X26 DAC Dual ES9038PRO DSP GPLL Native Balanced Decoder       ​The manufacturer is using the ESS USB solution, which is a new solution just listed, so the Daphile or Volumio system is not particularly good for its identification and compatibility.&n..
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  Product specifications   Digital input: USB port: USB Type-B female port, support USB2.0 10M BNC input: input impedance 50 Ohm, 0dBm-16dBm   Digital output: RCA coaxial S/PDIF port: output impedan..
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[xlmodel]-[photo]-[0000] GUSTARD-C16 hifi 10M Clock Audio master clock OCXO with connect cable C16 is a 10M high precision low noise clock generator. The new customized model SC-cut OCXO, which adopts the mature product line of Crystal Vibration Industry, has stabl..
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    ​ ---------------------------------------highlight of GUSTARD - A20H---------------------------------------------------- 1.  Double AK4497 class A full balance amp,native full balance. 2.  half decoder half amplifier,well proportioned,d..
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GUSTARD DAC-A22 Decoder Bluetooth full-balanced DAC Dual AK4499 XMOS Solution Decoder Support USB/Optical/Coaxial/IIS/AES input   The A22 uses AK4499EQsx2, one for each of the left and right channels as a pure decoder for DA conversion.; Bluetooth 5.0 24bit/96k high code transmi..
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