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ADUIO-GD Amplifier, DAC

ADUIO-GD Amplifier, DAC
A-001 Audio - gd R2R 11(2019 Version) Unbalanced Sigle Ended Discrete Ladder Headphone  Amplifier / DAC (DSD Native / DSD / PCM)   Features: NOS design with R-2R resistor ladders DAC+ Headamp Built in 2 groups DA-8 R-2R modules Unique noise reje..
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HE-1Regenerative power supplyFully discrete, truly balanced CAST Class A preamplifier,Since July 2019 the machine issued from July 2019 has been upgraded with a transformer for lower temperatures and long term power on.Connect the CAST input of KRELL amplifier:The HE-1 is compatible with the CAST in..
Ex Tax:$2,667.00
HE-9 (2019 Edition) Regenerative power supply True balanced CAST design Pure Class A output (9W @ 40 ohms) Preamp & Headphone Amplifier,Three-position volume characteristic control, direct drive 80DB headphones without gain boostOverview: Built-in regenerative power supply Three high perfo..
Ex Tax:$3,083.00
A-1 :True balanced current transfer, completely feedback-free post-amplifier XLR and CAST inputs Dual transformers for separate power supply to left and right channels 8 pcs total 1200W output tubes 125W @ 8 ohms output power.Overview: The gain and pre-output stages operate in pure Class A cond..
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A-2: 2500mW pure Class A headphone amplifier/pre-amplifier Fully negative feedback-free design using CAST technology All discrete transistor design.Overview: All-transistor pure Class A feedback-free CAST current transfer circuit and output circuit 2 pairs of precisely paired 20W high p..
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AS-1 (Version 2021):(Dual ES9028Pro + 1 FPGA Processor)Ultra Low Distortion Fully Balanced DACDual Sabre ES9028ProBuilt-in FPGA processor, no Jitter32bit / 384K asynchronous transmission Amanero USB interface applies FPGA synchronous clockUSB / HDMI support to DSD512Use of OCC, Hi-end grade accessor..
Ex Tax:$1,069.00
D-28 (ES9038Pro):Discrete true balanced DAC + true balanced headphone/preampFeatures XLR / RCA analogue inputs and four digital inputsUses Sabre ES9038Pro top-of-the-line chipUSB / HDMI support for DXD and DSD Native 512, 32Bit /384KHzExtremely sophisticated 10-group dual regulated power supply1500 ..
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D-77 (Version 2021): (Dual ES9038Pro + 1 FPGA processor) Discrete fully balanced DAC Dual Sabre ES9038Pro Built-in FPGA processor, Jitter rejection 32bit / 384K asynchronous transfer Amanero USB interface applies FPGA synchronous clock USB / HDMI support to DSD512 Use of OCC, Hi-end grade ..
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Di-20 Digital InterfaceBuilt-in Amanero interface using isolator separation, PCM384K / DSD512 FPGA coaxial receiver interface supports up to PCM384K and DOP Current transfer and conventional coaxial output support up to 384K R-cow and 13 groups of high speed linear regulated power supplies,..
Ex Tax:$767.00
DI-20HE: (Digital interface for regenerative power supplies)Built-in regenerative power supply (using pure class A regulated power supply and pure class A fully balanced waveform driver amplifier), Built-in Amanero interface using isolator separation, PCM384K / DSD512, FPGA coaxial receiver..
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HE-2 MK2Quad split regenerative power supply powered mono power amplifier30W pure Class A, 250W Class A (at 8 ohms per channel)True balanced CAST negative feedback-free voltage gain stage designLinear fax negative feedback-free output stage designUses 80 ON Semiconductor (formerly Motorola) output t..
Ex Tax:$9,125.00
LP-1HERIAA phono amplifierBuilt-in regenerative power supplyPure Class A regulated power supplyCompletely feedback-free CAST technologyLinear fax RIAA technology.LP-1HE MM:Available for MM phonostage only,LP-1HE MC: Available for MC phonostage only,LP-1HE Overview : Built-in regenerative power s..
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