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Vcauum Tube Amplifier

Vcauum Tube Amplifier
1 PCS 6SN7GT Transistor Replace (6N8P-J 6N8P-T CV181-Z)Matched Amplifier HIFI Audio Vacuum Tube.. window.adminAccountId=220480405;..
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  Brand New TJ FULLMUSIC VACUUM TUBE   Classification- Dome-type or Aubergine-type bulb of glass, a white ceramic base with four-prong bayonet golden pins, oxide coated filamentary, mesh plate or carbon plate triode.  Application -Audio frequency amplifier whe..
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Brand new original authentic Tianjin Quanzhen Tube FULLMUSIC 12AX7/ECC83S red letters, gold-plated feet12AX7/ECC83 S vacuum tube.Features: It is a nine-pin gold-plated electron tube, oxide cathode, indirect heating, and a low-noise double triode..Purpose: Used in low-frequency voltage amplifiers or..
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