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Line Magnetic Foshan Tube Amplifier, CD Player

Line Magnetic Foshan Tube Amplifier, CD Player
       AS-128 is a rare mono integrated amplifier in recent market. In order to ensure enough voltage swing, we set a true pre-amplifier so that AS-128 is a real integrated design. The line of AS-128 is very special, although is not 1:1 duplicating with ..
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Product parameters:Power output: 38W+38W (push-pull Class AB).Frequency Response: 20HZ-50KHZ (-1.5dB).Input Impedance: 100kΩ.Ourput Impedance: 4Ω, 8Ω.Tube Used: KT88, 12AX7, 12AU7, 12BH7.Size: 440x 425x 230 (mm).Gross weight: 40Kg...
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Welcome to Queenway store!About the products details, we carefully tell you: these specifics produced by AliExpress system, some of these aren't fully correct, even it is wrong. So the correct products information is derived from the detailed description. Usually the description has a few pictures a..
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      Line Magnetic Tube Amplifier LM69 Loudspeaker Mechanical Full-range Console speaker  95db         In 1960s to 1970s, mini round unit loudspeaker  mostly used in televisions, large round uni..
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Line Tube Magnetic LM-812 Classic Tube Amplifier Speakers Copy ALTEC-808 18 Inch Subwoofer High Sensitivity speaker 102dB Attention : This speaker always not be in stock.   After you pay the orde..
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Line Magnetic audio PR-22 PR-22 Combined Excitation Power ( 3 ways ) EL-6C/EQ1-6/0.3  adjustable WE 4144 DC10-24V/3-10V (0.2-2A) Product Features: An adjustable excitation power supply system with vacuum tube recitifier is disigned for low voltage but big current' unit..
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Line Magnetic Copy WE-44+WE-20B/(LM-44/LM-20B Named By Line Magnetic) Vacuum Tube Preamplifier Split Power Supply.VParameters:Frequency response:20Hz~20kHz(1W).Input Impedance:100kΩ.Gain:10dB.Tube Complement:main part-101D X 2 / 205D X 1.power part-300B X 1 / 5U4 X 1 / 313 X 1 / 6J7 X 1 / 6X5 X 1.Di..
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    Line Magnetic HT-70 Cobalt Magnetic speaker Cobalt Magnetic Ultrahigh Tone Horn  Cuprum / Aluminum Horn Version FIELD COIL SUPER TWEETER       Brand: Analog Sound Item: HT-70 Cobalt mag..
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  Line Magnetic Tube Amplifier Analog Sound HT-70  Treble Speaker Ultra-high Tone Horn Unit CU FIELD SUPER TWEETER           Features: 1. Use pure iron magnetic circuit and exci..
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    Line Magnetic Tube Amplifier Analog Sound LM-222 Horn 2 Ways Coaxial Speaker  12 inches  Jensen H222 Duplication 102dB       Features   1. NO.12 horn speaker uses 12 inches coaxial horn to co..
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  Line Magnetic Tube Amplifier Analog Sound LM-3 Constant Magnetic Camphor Plate Horn Speaker System 3 Ways Acoustic speaker   LM-3 is palying in Denmark LM-3 is palying in Sweden   The LM-3 are exceptional speakers. The pa..
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    Line Magnetic Tube Amplifier Analog Sound LM-302 Cobalt magnetic Horn Treble Speaker   HORN SUPER TWEETER  JENSEN Duplication Version       Features:   1. Bass RP-..
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