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Yaqin Tube Amplifier, CD Player

Yaqin Tube Amplifier, CD Player
    The main factors affect the sound quality of vacuum tube amplifier 1. Single-ended and push-pull circuit. At the end of the power amplification, amplification&..
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The speaker must be connected before starting work, the bile machine must not be idle, otherwise the transformer will be burned.The main factors affect the sound quality of vacuum tube amplifier.1. Single-ended and push-pull circu..
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[xlmodel]-[custom]-[88Features of this circuitFeatures of this circuit.1:Using the improved exported 5881A for powerful power amplification.2:The use of improved ultra-linear push-pull amplifier circuit, so that the low frequency driving force is sufficient, rich tone.3: The pre-stage is SRPP amplif..
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    The main factors affect the sound quality of vacuum tube amplifier. 1. Single-ended and push-pull circuit At the end of the power amplification, amplification&..
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Product parameters: Output power: 40W+40W (8Ω)Frequency response: 10Hz-68KHz (-2dB)Distortion: ≤0.9%(28W)Signal to noise ratio: ≥85dB (A weighting)Input sensitivity: <0.26VPower consumption: ≤220W.Load impedance: 4Ω-8ΩVacuum tube: 12AU7x2 12AX7BX2 EL34x4Gross weight: 22kg.Net weight: 21kg.Size: ..
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    The main factors affect the sound quality of vacuum tube amplifier. 1. Single-ended and push-pull circuit. At the end of the power amplification, amplification&n..
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    The main factors affect the sound quality of vacuum tube amplifier. 1. Single-ended and push-pull circuit. At the end of the power amplification, amplification&n..
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      The main factors affect the sound quality of vacuum tube amplifier 1. Single-ended and push-pull circuit At the end of the power amplification..
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    The main factors affect the sound quality of vacuum tube amplifier 1. Single-ended and push-pull circuit At the end of the power amplification, amplification..
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        ​Features: 1. Dual common cathode tubes in parallel push amplification circuit. 2. The three, Class A, single-ended, gall rectifier circuit 3. Ad hoc headphone output can be used directly headset 4. Infrared remote co..
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This machine circuit features:1: The front stage is "SRPP" circuit, with wide frequency response and low output impedance2: The post-stage amplification is a high-power triode (845) with low internal resistance, and it is a class-A single-ended amplifier.3: The post-stage push circuit is a "SRPP" ci..
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      The main factors affect the sound quality of vacuum tube amplifier 1. Single-ended and push-pull circuit At the end of the power amplification, amplification of push-pull is easier to get high power output, because push-pull is a ..
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