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Muzishare Tube Amplifier,CD Player

Muzishare Tube Amplifier,CD Player
    The main factors affect the sound quality of vacuum electron tube amplifier 1. Single-ended and push-pull circuit At the end of the power amplification, ..
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Product introduction: In the circuit, X3T use the ancient vacuum tube technology, and the high integration of Technology. Not only has a strong analytical power, but also has a strong low frequency dynamic., Put the audio special tube (6π14π/EL84/6P14/6BQ5) can be full play. X3..
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      X-300B Specification: Output power: 8W+8W(RMS, CLASS A) Harmonic distortion: 1%(1KHZ) Frequency response: 10HZ~50KHZ(-1.5DB) Input sensitivity: 150mv(0db)    260 mV (-3db)   420mV(pre in) Input impeda..
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   Muzishare R10 bile decoder ESS9018 chip fever audio decoder       window.adminAccountId=220480405;..
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      Product images:   Product features:  1. Pure handmade and scaffolding type welding  2. Two pieces of Z11 iron core square type output transformer  3. On..
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  The main factors affect the sound quality of vacuum tube amplifier 1. Single-ended and push-pull circuit At the end of the power amplification, amplification of&n..
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