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Other Tube Amplifier

Other Tube Amplifier
8 Bit Gigabit Ultimate Edition HIFI Audio Ethernet Switch Full Linear DC Power Supply SC Cut OCXO Constant Temperature Crystal Oscillator Upgrade.Description:- The traditional magic change switch removes the original DC-DC switching power supply and adopts DC12V direct current power supply..
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Technical specifications:Rated output power:2*180W(8Ω RMS 1khz)Consumo max:360W(4Ω RMS 1khz)Harmonic distortion: (THD)≤0.05%(1khz)Frequency response:20HZ-20KHZ(±0.7dB)Signal to noise ration :≥95dB(A weight, Line input).Input terminals:47KΩOutput terminals:4-8ΩInput sensitivity (AUX INPUT):≥ 150mvPow..
Ex Tax:$399.00
KINGHOPE TH-102 fiber coaxial fever tube amplifier non-destructive Bluetooth hifi amplifier home       window.adminAccountId=220480405;..
Ex Tax:$232.50
KINGHOPE TH-126 fever double fire cow high power tube hifi tube amplifier Bluetooth amplifier home     window.adminAccountId=220480405;..
Ex Tax:$435.00
Description:- This product adopts the official recommendation method of Linear Technology's high-end linear voltage regulator chip LT3042+PNP current expansion, which can provide a DC voltage regulator power supply close to 0 noise, and can supply power for high-precision measuring instruments, nois..
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Using Hi-End Concept to Build USB Bluetooth Digital Audio PlayerUsing pure battery power supply, greatly reducing interference, a set of advanced audio system, the final and most important link is the power supply, the best power supply is the battery, which converts the alternating current into dir..
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[xlmodel]-[photo]-[0000]LITTLEDOT MK8 SEFully balanced vacuum tube headphone amplifier.MK8SE is a pure vacuum tube fully balanced/unbalanced compatible headphone amplifier:It is characterized by a high signal-to-noise ratio and a large dynamic range (with an undistorted output swing of up to 60vp-p ..
Ex Tax:$1,288.00
The speaker must be connected before starting work, the bile machine must not be idle, otherwise the transformer will be burned.Parameter:Size: 355mm wide × 180mm high × 300mm deepInput impedance: 100k; output impedance: 0-4ohm-8ohm;Signal to noise ratio: 90dB:Rated power: 10w-8wSensitivity 500mv.Fr..
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Circuit configuration Single-ended Class A, zero negative feedback, self-biased design, the tube is plug and play. Power supply Imported Z11 EI iron core power transformer, high-quality Japanese Nikon, Japanese ruby filter capacitors, and high-quality filter inductors are used to provide pure p..
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Technical highlights1. The on-board filament voltage switch can support 6.3V and 5V rectifier tubes, 6.3V and 12.6V signal tubes.2. Onboard DIP output gain adjustment switch, the user can select 4 different levels of output gain to support the subsequent equipment with different input sensitivity.3...
Ex Tax:$810.00
Product parameters:System: CD digital audio systemDecoder chip: CS4398 24BlT/192K high format chipOutput mode: optical fiber/coaxial/analog output.Power supply: AC 220V 50HZPower consumption: 15W (for user reference only)Dimensions (W*H*D): 420X75X320mm (excluding protruding parts)Net weight: 6.5kgO..
Ex Tax:$508.00
Features: 1: The whole machine adopts high-quality PCB welding to ensure stability and integrity 2: Use two E-type output transformers with high-quality wide-frequency response and high-quality Japanese Z11 iron cores 3: Use a toroidal power transformer specially designed for this machine 4: The ..
Ex Tax:$935.00
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