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Transistor Pre Amplifier

Transistor Pre Amplifier
Parameters: Output power:150Wx2/8ohms Frequency range:Musi:20Hz-20KHz, microphone:30Hz-20KHz SNR:Music>80dB, microphone>80dB Harmonic distortion:Music<0.05%, microphone<0.4% Size:431mm*346mm*79mm Net weight:4.3kg   window..
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Advanced Relay Volume Controller/Balance Potentiometer/balance to unbalance/Passive(balanced) Preamp RCA to XLR knob(selective)   With knot version    This product uses a high-grade aluminum chassis, the panel thickness is 8MM, and with all aluminum knob..
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  Features: 1. The line refers to the imported circuit line design, the chassis uses an all-aluminum high-end chassis, the knob is a solid aluminum knob, 10MM thick panel, 5MM thick rear plate, 4MM thick side plate, 3MM thick upper and lower panel. 2. High-grade double-sided t..
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Technical parameter:Frequency response: 2Hz~40KHzSNR: 115dB @1KHzInput impedance: 50KOutput impedance: 600ΩDistortion:≤0.003%1KHzOP AMP: AD797ANZ or OPA627BP or MUSES03Size: 330*210*60mm.Power supply voltage: AC 220V ± 10% (110V version can be customized)Weight:3.5kg. window.adminAccountId=22048040..
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Function introduction:   1. Two options to meet different requirements: 4-in-1-out is suitable for single channel input power amplifier and active speaker, or 1-in-4-out is used for debugging equipment and audio source comparison.、   2. Select high-end comp..
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    Gold seal op-amp version: with gold seal 2pcs LME4972HA    Standard version: equipped with OPA2604AP and LME49720NA each one     All aluminum alloy machine, accessories with power line,  with straigh..
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Made in our store study copy FM brand seriouspower amplifiers arethe best ones in these copying FM machines, even there is 6~8 producers to copy this brand machines in China, it is very low noise than other producers, please trust us, please contact us to study the details when you are free.STUDY FM..
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Performance parameters: Power supply voltage: 220V (110V version can be customized) Power consumption: 15W max Input signal amplitude: 0.2-2V (with 20DB boost) Signal to noise ratio: 110DB Frequency response: 0-44KHz (-0.3db) Size: 242 wide X46 high X251 deep (excluding knobs and terminals) W..
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Product parameters:Frequency range: 5Hz-40KHz (+/-3dB) Signal to noise ratio: 110dB Input sensitivity: 0.3V Harmonic distortion: less than 0.01% 1KHZ Input port: RCA lotus terminal.Operating voltage: AC 220V 50-60HZ.Size: width 265MM* height 52M* depth 171MM.Weight 3KGPerfect layout, the circuit..
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Product parameters: * The circuit is exactly the same as MBL6010D, using more optimized components.* RCA single-ended input, 1group XLR balanced input; * XLR balanced input and output are wired in accordance with European and Japanese standards, 1 ground, 2 negative and 3 positive; * AUX has buff..
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Note: The machine is divided into two configurations Default configuration 5532+5534 operational amplifier Upgrade configuration used 627AP+new 8820 operational amplifierProduct parameters: * The circuit is exactly the same as MBL6010D, using more optimized components; * 4 groups of RCA single-e..
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