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Winner Amplifier, Speaker, CD Player

Winner Amplifier, Speaker, CD Player
Product parameters:Product model: AD-1PA.Signal to noise ratio: ≥108dB (A weighting, balanced input).≥115dB (A weighting, unbalanced input).Frequency response: 10Hz~100KHz (+1/-3dB).Distortion: ≤0.008% (1KHz normal working conditions).Output power: 300W (THD: 1%, 1KHz, 8Ω single channel).Rated load ..
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1. Winner has 25 years of design experience, and it took them 3 years to complete this work. 2. Advanced DSP technology, 2 Cirrus 32 bit DSP chips. 3. The traditional frequency divider has physical defects, such as phase distortion, and the frequency response curve is difficult to be fla..
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Product parameters:Signal to noise ratio: ≥95dB (A weighting)Frequency response range: 20Hz-100KHz (+1/-3dB)Total harmonic distortion: ≤0.05% (1KHz, normal working conditions)Output power per channel: 200Wx2 (8Ω, THD=1%, 1KHz)Rated impedance: 8ΩSeparation: ≥75dB.Machine gain: >40dB.Net weight: 45..
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Product DescriptionProduct model:AD-3DSNR≥90dBTHD≤0.08%(1KHZ, normal working condition)Rated impedance8 ohmsChannel2.0Frequency range20Hz-70KHz(+1/-3dB)Power consumption≤1000WPower output/channel150W*2(8Ω,THD=1%,1KHz)Color:Silver/BlackMaterial:Aluminum alloyVolume:444mmX200mmX418mm(L×D×H)N.W:28.4KGA..
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Winner / TY-D03N Hi end bookshelf speaker DSP digital decoding 2.0 channel multimedia active speaker TY-D03N is the mid-end product of DSP 2 system HiFi multimedia series designed and listed in Tone Winner in 2017.。The bass is removed, but the sound effect is added to the sound effect of the b..
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Pay attention to Bundle when placing an order:Bundle 1: AD-1PA+AD-1PRE pre amplifier and power amplifier /Net weight: 52.1kgBundle 2: AD-1PRE pre amplifier/Net weight:10.1kgBundle 3: AD-1PA power amplifier/Net weight: 42kgHighlights of AD-1PA power amplifier:1; A class A power amplifier circuit with..
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Order note: adaptive 110V~220V wide voltage working environmentProduct parameters:Signal to noise ratio: ≥100dB (A weighting)Frequency response: 15Hz~95KHz(+1/-3dB)Distortion: ≤0.05% (1KHz, normal working conditions)Output power: 150W (THD=1%, 1KHz, 8Ω single channel)Rated load impedance: 8Ω.Machine..
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Essential information Product Name: Tianyi high quality Bluetooth digital speaker Model: TY-B02 Net weight: 2.7kg Bluetooth: Bluetooth 4.2 Size: length 304 * width 120 * height 130mm APP: mobile phones supporting Android and IOS systems Application: smart ph..
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Output power: 2x120w (8 Ω); 2X200W (6 Ω) Distortion: Music: ≤ 0.08% (A-weight) Signal to Noise Ratio:Music: ≥ 86dbB(A-weighted) Frequency response: Music: 20Hz-20KHz (+1dB/-3dB) Gain: Music: 41 ± 3dB Machine size: 430mm in length x 428 mm in width (including knob and te..
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Winner/AD-86D Class A HiFi high power amplifier with AD1955 decoding 400W/8 ohm. Product parameters Frequency response: 20Hz-60kHz (+ 1 / - 3dB) Signal to noise ratio: > 96dB / a weight (rated source electromotive force 1V) Distortion: ≤ 0.05% (1KHz, normal working co..
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