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Copy Famous Brand Amplifier

Copy Famous Brand Amplifier
  Introduction to dc-222t bile fax This machine is designed with the purpose of "simplicity is the best", the circuit is simple, the whole machine except the current amplifying output stage USES the transistor, the voltage amplifying from the front stage to the rear stage is complet..
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Float rhyme 3.8MK product introduction: The overall upgrade of Purer3.8MK includes the following major changes: With the concise and best hi-end design concept, the circuit is optimized comprehensively, referring to the famous power amplifier in Europe, the selection of materials and the..
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Machine working conditions and functional configuration:1. Power supply voltage: 220V (110V version can be customized).2. Main voltage 63V, transformer power 400W.3. Filter capacitor: 100V 22000UF*4.4. Whole machine weight: 16.5KG.5. Power: Pure Class A 25W*2 8Ω.6. THD: 0.005%.7. Frequency response:..
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Product introduction:1: Equipped with 2 groups of line amplifiers and 4 channels of balanced amplifiers to complete the independent balanced output of each channel (+-) bridge arm, without interfering with each other, so that the sound positioning is accurate and no erratic.2: The use of two importe..
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Features:Each channel uses 3 pairs of precisely matched ON tube kings in parallel MJL4281/MJL4302.Each pair of tube quiescent current 400mA 1.2A per channel.800w Nippon Steel Transformer, completely independent power supply for left and right channels. ​ ​With transformer soft-start and anti-inter..
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Product parameters:Product Name: C22.Bile duct model:Selected 2x12AX7 and 4x12AT7 vacuum tubes.Input impedance: balanced 44K ohms.Unbalanced 22K ohm.Voltage gain: 15dB.Frequency response: + 0, - 0.5dB from 20Hz to 20KHz.Harmonic distortion: 0.8%.Signal to noise ratio: > 100dBInput sensitivity: balan..
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Upgrade version tube :Fully upgrade gold-plated circuit1: KT88x4 vacuum tube post-propulsion, high pressure resistance, full and moist sound2: 12AX7Ax3 vacuum tube high gain tube, which is 100 times the gain factor of ordinary 6N3, 6N8, etc.3: 12AT7Ax4 vacuum tube is better, the sound thickness, den..
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The advantages of FET power amplifier:1: High input impedance is easy to drive, and the change of input impedance with frequency is relatively small;2: The input junction capacitance is small (feedback capacitance), and the change of the output load has little effect on the input;3: High power utili..
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Fumac class D monoblock amplifier MHz amplification           window.adminAccountId=220480405;..
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Product parameters:Frequency range: 10HZ-45KHZ (+/-3dB)Signal to noise ratio: 93dBRated power: 80W*2-8Ω 100W*2-4ΩImpedance range: 2-8ΩHarmonic distortion: less than 0.008% 1KHz.1WInput port: RCA lotus terminalOperating voltage: AC 220V 50-60HZSize: 280*80*211mm (W*H*D)Weight: 6KgThis product is avai..
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Product parameters:Frequency range: 15HZ-30KHz (+/-3dB).Signal to noise ratio: 93dB.Rated power: 15W*2 class A equivalent class A and B above 40W digital power amplifier above 80W.Impedance range: 4 to 8 ohms.Harmonic distortion: less than 0.01% 1KHz.1W.Input port: RCA lotus terminal.Operating volta..
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