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HiFi Bookshelf Speaker

HiFi Bookshelf Speaker
Descrizione del prodotto: Modello: DV1508S DV1508N Materiale: legno Impedenza: 4 ~ 8Ω Tipo di interfaccia: interfaccia RCA Classificazione di colore: Color legno di sandalo (S) colore rovere (S) di colore ciliegio (S) albero di tumore di colore (n) colore rovere (s + n)..
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Descrizione del prodotto: Tipo di interfaccia: interfaccia RCA Classificazione di colore: legno di sandalo rosso ciliegia di colore treppiede Peso (g): 60K Altoparlante struttura: Invertito Tipo altoparlante: anteriore Potenza: 200W Sensibilità: 90dB/m ..
Ex Tax:$1,210.00
Descrizione del prodotto: Modello: DX 1501QL MKⅠ Materiale: lega di Alluminio Impedenza: 8Ω Tipo di interfaccia: interfaccia RCA Classificazione di colore: colore di legno di sandalo in legno di palissandro treppiede Peso (g): 100kg Altoparlante struttura: H..
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Descrizione del prodotto: Modello: DX-1201AL Materiale: legno Impedenza: 8 Euro Tipo di interfaccia: interfaccia RCA Classificazione di colore: teak, quercia, in legno di palissandro, legno di sandalo, treppiede Peso (g): 50kg Altoparlante struttura: Scaffal..
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Product parameters:Impedance: 4Ω.Rated power: 100W.Frequency response range: 40HZ-20KHZ.Sensitivity: 88dB.Coaxial unit: 6.5 inches × 1.Tweeter: 1 inch × 1.Woofer: 8 inches × 1.Crossover frequency: 200Hz, 2700Hz, 15000Hz.Height x width x depth: 750×390×290(mm).Net weight: 60kg/pair. window.adminAcco..
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Thick medium frequency runThe sound image positioning is accurate, and the sound field performance is magnificent; woofer is realistic and cohesive, with high energy density, and can be retracted and released in a transient state; Midrange voice is full and sweet; tweeter is crystal clear, delicate ..
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  Product description: Wood: Birch plywood   Size: 6.5 inch: height 54, width 23, depth30cm 8 inch: height 60, width 27, depth 32mm     Volume:  6.5 inch: 24L 8 inch: 35L   ..
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Modello: DC 16Q3HV Materiale: legno Impedenza: 8 ohm Tipo di interfaccia: interfaccia RCA Classificazione di colore: rosso nero/giallo grigio/treppiede A/treppiede B Altoparlante struttura: Hifi per scatola Tipo altoparlante: anteriore Potenza: 100W Sensibilit..
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The D1500 cabinet is designed with a low-resonance structure. The surface is covered by a large area of luxurious wood grain material. The front baffle is decorated with an exquisite frosted finish, and the side is an irregular polygonal cut surface, which performs fine acoustic optimization. The ov..
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The front panel is equipped with three adjustment knobs, which provide total volume adjustment, input selection and high and low tone adjustment respectively. In order to ensure the sound quality, the high and low tone adjustment is limited to ± 3dB of high fidelity level, which can be used for pers..
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Product parameters:Speaker model: D300.Speaker series: DSP active stereo sound series.System form: two-way fourth-order phase inverted speaker system.Unit configuration: professional 6.5 inch woofer, isomagnetic field belt type tweeter..Frequency range: 38Hz-20kHz (earth 3dB, Free Space)..Audio inpu..
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