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Amplifier, CD, DAC Case Chassis

Amplifier, CD, DAC Case Chassis
  Product Description: External size:114*50*210mm (w*h*d) Internal size:108*42*199mm (w*h*d) Hole size:11mm Weight:0.53kg Material: Full aluminum. Thickness of material: Former plate: 8mm Later plate: 3mm Accessories: rubber machine feet..
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  External dimensions: width= 160mm Height= 55mm Depth = 230mm Internal dimensions: width= 150mm Height= 49mm Depth = 214mm   The Front panel : Thickness: = 7mm . The Rear panel : Thickness: = 7mm . The Top panel : Thickness: ..
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1: The name and quantity: 1907E Full aluminum Power amplifier chassis / AMP Enclosure / case BOX             Aftermarket commitments: 1 , Our commitment to the sale of goods 100% integrity assurance,if you have a..
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Delicate audio box Have radiating hole   External size: 210*76*250mm Internal size: 200*54*236mm Thickness of plate: former is 8mm. Others are 4mm and 3mm. Weight:1.6kg Appearance: silver  abrasion Standard accessories..
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Product parameters:All aluminum chassis 2609 pre amplifier / DAC / headphone amplifier chassis.External size:260*90*311mm.Internal size: 240*84*300mm.weight:2.6kg. window.adminAccountId=220480405;..
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    External size: 260 x 120 x 311 (mm) Internal size: 160 x 112 x 300 (mm)   One side radiator is about 1.7KG Accessories: switch, knob, power socket, rubber machine foot (excluding wiring terminal)   ..
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  Product Description: External size: 360 x 92 x 308(mm) (WxHxD) Internal size: 346 x 84 x 297(mm) (WxHxD) Processing for surface: sand blasting silver Thickness: Front panel: 8mm                 Rea..
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Queenway 3PCS/1Set Small black bricks  Shockproof stand/leg/snail Metal chassis Audio source amplifier  decode power processing    The sound is a very loose and new British flavor. Suitable for most small and medium-sized systems, high-frequency is smooth, low-freq..
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External size: 430*90*308mm   Internal size: 330X84X297mm Material: Full aluminum   sand blasted surface, two 38mm highlight  rotary knobs Radiator(Drawing oxidation treatment): 300*90*50mm. 10mm(Thickness)plate Accessories: 38 M..
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    Seiko All-Aluminum creates a classic version of Class A products to meet the chassis problems of DIY friends and manufacturers. Simple, concise, big, and eye-catching style, it is very interesting, and it is more aggressive in Class A .   ..
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  How to buy: Special requirements must be in postscript indicated otherwise we shall not be responsible for the omission ! 1, all aluminum chassis neither machine foot hole opened ( a convenient position themselves two drill holes completed by hand easily if not handle this y..
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    This box has two versions:the "with rotary knob" and the "without rotary knob"(just like the following fourth picture ),please choose what you are interested in. External dimensions: Width 430*Height 150*Depth *311mm(not include the rotary knob&n..
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