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Lii Song

Lii Song
This is the price of 1 pcs. if you need 2 pcs, please select quantity "2"The new 18-inch full-paper cone full-frequency speaker, full paper cone, double cone structure, the sound is warm and thick, the texture of the medium a..
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This is the price of 1 pcs. if you need 2 pcs, please select quantity "2"1. About style: The main features of FAST-10 sound are high resolution, delicate and transparent mid-high frequency, good dynamics, and very clean sound..
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Size: 600*550*1200.Multilayer board foundation Sample wood grain Bright paint Folded 3mm mirror panel welded and electroplated bright yellow titanium 25 mirror 3 pinsDue to the development of modern speakers and the development of speaker production technology, the low frequency and high frequency o..
Ex Tax:$3,200.00
Product parameters: Rated power-maximum power: 40-80w Nominal impedance z: 8ohm Frequency response:fn-18000HZ.Mean sound pressure level: 97dB(2.83V/1m).Resonance frequency fs: 43Hz...
Ex Tax:$139.00
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